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The pool...

We have a fabulous pool beside the sea one and a half minute stroll from the apartment through private gardens. The pool is private for residents and guests only. There are sun loungers around the pool which you can use. They are taken in at night and put out in the morning. You can NOT take the loungers to the beach. The beach is public. The loungers are not.

Beach Bar...

Boo Boo Jam beach bar is about 200 meters up the beach. (Not exactly “on site” but not far away). They will rent you a chair with umbrella for $10 and it’s up to you if you want to buy a drink or not. Some nights they have live music.


There is a pizzeria, close to the old reception building. Whilst they wouldn’t be my choice of best pizza on the island, you might be pleased to see them on your first night or if you don’t have a car.


There is also a small grocery beside the pizzeria. This place has bread and wine and snacks. I don’t recommend that you do your provisioning there but they’re pretty handy when you run out of water (or beer).


Next door to the grocery is a laundry. They wash your stuff for you and will iron it for you too if you want.

Internet cafe...

Next door to the laundry is an Internet cafe. They charge 1 Euro for 5 minutes and have 4 computers on site. They are not always open in the day but usually are at night. 


Two tennis courts are situated near the lower car park. At least one of them is usually vacant.


parking is within the private grounds. There is an upper car park near the Pizza Place and a lower car park that is bigger but unrefined.


Security guards are on duty throughout the day. They patrol the grounds and can often be found by the old reception.


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Orient Bay, French  St. Martin (St Maarten), Caribbean. One Minute Stroll to the Beach. Fine Restaurants 1 Mile.