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So often guests in our apartments ask us for recommendations of places to eat. Of course opinions are subjective. One person likes fine French restaurants and others think hamburgers are gourmet. But here we list OUR favorite eateries and ask guests to email us reviews of their favorite places too.

We recommend different places for different reasons. Some because they are fun, Some because they are economical. Some because the food is GREAT.

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VILLA PIZZA  (much more than a pizza place)

Located in Cul de Sac almost opposite the turning for Anse Marcel, this tiny little gem has become one of our favorite eateries.  Open every evening for dinner, and for lunch daily except Sunday and Monday, their menu is quite extensive, each main  dish complimented by a choice of two sides.

They do not take credit cards, but their prices are incredibly reasonable.  For example the homemade lasagne and salad (very good) is just 8 euros.  The grilled salmon (a personal favorite) is 12 euros.  An excellent range of main course salads, pizzas, meat and fish dishes is always available.

They also offer a take out/delivery service.  We have recommended Villa Pizza to our all guests since discovering it, and to date no-one has been disappointed.


Located opposite the Megaplex Cinema in Simpson Bay, this is arguably the most popular restaurant on the Island.  An extensive menu, middle range prices and live music EVERY night of the year make for a very entertaining dining experience.  The folks there are very friendly and try to make your visit a special one.

This is also the only restaurant that has ever named a dish after me!  Try "Gloria's salad" I invented it - it's good.  If you like to eat early (up to around 7 - 7.30) you can usually get a table, but once it gets to 8.00 you should either make a reservation or figure on waiting for a while.  Open 7 days a week.


Located across the street from the main Marigot waterfront opposite the produce/meat market stalls, is this delightful French bakery/cafe (boulangerie).  The enticing aroma of freshly baked  bread and pastries wafts around as you wander among the tables towards the display cabinets full of cakes, tarts, salads, sandwiches, and quiches so beautifully presented they are fit for photographing!  You will find yourself spoilt for choice.  They do a good capuccino, too.  Be prepared to leave any thoughts of calorie counting behind when entering this haven of taste bud decadence, and just savor the experience.  They even have a homemade ice-cream bar!  There are several cafes along this stretch of road, but without doubt this is, in our opinion, the best.  Open 6.00 am to 6.00 pm daily except Sunday.  Closed for the month of September.


Located within the Yacht Club complex in Simpson Bay, Jimbo's is essentially a Tex Mex eatery.  They offer a pretty extensive menu and have very good fajitas.  Service can be slow when they are busy.


Located on a hilltop on the main road to Orient Bay, this delightfully positioned restaurant offers panoramic views of Orient Beach.  Their pizzas are excellent,  great salads for the more diet  conscious, and a very good chicken kebab are just a few of the items on offer.  Open six days a week for lunch and dinner,  Closed on Saturdays.  Closed during the month of September.

Visa/Master Card accepted.  Take out/delivery service available. 1.20 euro = $1.00


Located on the main road in Grand Case is a group of 5 barbeques/roadside cafes.  Run by local ladies they offer a variety of choices at incredible prices and use a 1euro/1$ rate.  Our personal favorite is "The Sky's The Limit".  All pretty basic but hearty food, their 'shrimp food' consists of a decent portion of shrimp in a provincial style sauce, with about six or seven small sides, all for the princely sum  of $12!  Can't beat that.   December through April Grand Case hosts a Tuesday night street 'carnival'.  Very lively.  Can be tricky to park - look for the authorized (manned) parking areas.  Many of the stores remain open in the evenings making for a very pleasant, mediterranean ambience.

Guests recommended...

rare steakhouse at the atlantis casino. had to go twice to make sure it was really that good. and it was.

recommended by ADH - Saturday, November 21, 2009 - 04:49 PM