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Terms & Conditions...

  1. MINIMUM CHARGE 5 days.

  2. Rental deposit paid at time of reservation by any major credit card via paypal.  Balance by cash upon arrival.  Confirmation of your reservation is automated and goes to whatever email address you use to make the paypal payment.  We advise you to email saying you made a payment to ensure we received it.  Balance is due on arrival in cash.

  3. Unless otherwise indicated, prices quoted are for one or two occupants. Additional occupants only by arrangement at an additional cost of $15 per day each.

  4. Overbookings: We regularly have 2 or 3 enquiries for the same week. Often we hear nothing more from a potential renter. We can only reserve an apartment when a deposit is paid. FIRST person to send the deposit gets the room. If you send a deposit and someone else paid before you, we will return the deposit to you.

  5. A security deposit is due in cash upon arrival.  If we are unable to check the apartment for damage before you leave, the security deposit will be refunded electronically 7-10 days after departure, less breakages, the replacement cost of permanently stained linens & towels and any deductions. The security deposit is $200 for 1-2 adults. Add $100 for each extra adult and each child. Anyone tampering with the door locks or smoking within the apartment forfeits the deposit. (Smoking is allowed on the balcony).

  6. Cancellations: The deposit is to protect us against turning down other reservations and then having renters cancel. Otherwise, there is no point in taking a deposit. However, if you cancel up to 3 months before arrival, we will re-advertise the dates as available and IF re-rented we will refund the deposit less 10% re-listing fee. For your protection, we recommend cancellation insurance.

  7. Check in time is from 4.00 p.m. unless otherwise agreed.

  8. We do everything possible to make a guest’s stay as carefree as possible, but we are not clairvoyant.  If a guest has a problem, we can only fix it if you tell us as soon as possible. It is not acceptable to complain of a problem when you are about to leave.  It is too late to do anything about it then.

  9. We change towels weekly. But if Guests leave wet towels lying around they are likely to get smelly. Guests are responsible to hang out towels to dry after use to avoid this.  There is a laundry on site if you wish to wash towels between changes, or we can provide a change mid-week for an added charge of $25 per change.

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(for 1-2 adults & one child under 14.   $15 a day per extra person.)

You can contact us by phone or send email.

from USA dial 011, from Europe dial 00 and then...

Nick:      599 552 2787  &  599 581 3820      

Gloria:    599 524 1586   &    590 690 17 08 60 (French side #)

Please note that we are NOT a full service hotel and some services common to hotels are not available

Click here to make a reservation  (Making a reservation indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions below).

  1.   Terms and conditions may change from time to time without warning. So we suggest you copy this page for later reference. If terms change, WE WILL STAND BY WHATEVER TERMS YOU SAVED when you booked. Otherwise, whats printed here stands.

                                     apts 9309&10                  apt 9322

Dec 23  - Mar 31    ..    $155/nt  .. $850/wk.   |   $150/nt .. $920/wk.

Apr 01 - Apr 30      ..      $125/nt  .. $695/wk.   |   $140/nt .. $770/wk.

May 01 - Aug 31     ..      $100/nt .. $550/wk.   |   $115/nt .. $625/wk.

Sept 1 - Sept 30        ..      $ 95/nt .. $495/wk.    |   $105/nt .. $570/wk.

Oct 1 - Dec 22      ..      $100/nt .. $550/wk.   |   $115/nt .. $625/wk..

  1.   Maid service:  At our very low rates we don’t provide maid service.  Normally guests prefer to clean up after themselves rather than have a stranger come in while they are out.  However, given notice, maid service can usually be arranged for $30 a day.

  2. Lost keys - $30. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY YOU DRILL THE LOCK OUT or break into the apartment. You will have 4 telephone numbers to call us on in an emergency. Tampering with the door lock affects our ability to accommodate the next guest and damages the appearance of our property. If you do so, you forfeit the security deposit.

  3. Maintenance:  We may need to enter your apartment periodically to access things stored there or do routine maintenance chores.

  4. Equipment failure:  The facilities we provide are MUCH more extensive than a hotel provides in their rooms.  We do everything possible to keep everything running and well maintained but the guests before you may have broken something and breakdowns of basic items rarely, but sometimes, happen.  We often have only a few hours between guests and, with so much provided, the housekeeper may not have noticed a piece of equipment is no longer functional.   Being on an island, replacement equipment is not always available short term and technicians often require days to schedule an appointment.  If something fails during your stay we will do all we can to fix it asap.  But you need to understand that can take much longer than in mainland countries. If you are not cool with that you should pay the extra to stay at a full service hotel.  Full service hotels have more guests = more staff = more services.

  5. We are a residential complex, not a full service resort. As such there are certain things that are beyond our control... utility outages, bad weather and, (very rarely), management company or other residents performing maintenance on other apartments. As such these shall not be considered cause for cancellation or refund. HOWEVER, if a hurricane or other catastrophe passes by PRIOR to your arrival and as a result we are unable to provide the apartment as advertised, we will allow your deposit to be applied to a booking for another date when everything is restored.

  6. Unacceptable behavior: The complex has many tenants who strive to live harmoniously together.  If a guest’s behavior disrupts that harmony or is considered by us to be damaging to the apartment or is objectionable in any way, we reserve the right to give the guest 24 hours notice to leave.  In such a case we will refund the balance of the rental fee less any expenses incurred for any damage done .

  7. Check out: by 12.00 mid day.

  8. If you leave the apartment clean, tidy AND TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE, there is no cleaning fee.  If not, we will charge $50 cleaning fee. If there are no significant stains on the towels and linens then there will be no laundry fee. However, if the towels and linens are stained or very dirty we will deduct a $45 laundry fee from your security deposit.

  9. In the event of management having a problem (physical or administrative) occurring with any apartment, we reserve the right to move a guest to a similar apartment, either temporarily or for the entire stay. 

Prices subject to change without notice.