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STARnet Horror #1

Cosplay in your home & on your phone ~ 11.00 a.m. Sunday July 26th 2020


Making Zombies

From Face Off to the fright of your life

Face Off personality, creature FX artist, writer and producer, Rick Prince, talks to classic creature FX designer Nick Maley about how to create Zombies... for movies, events or just for fun. It's a "how to" about scaring the life out of friends and family.



Fabrication for Horror Haunts & Movies

Making scary stuff

Laura Cristina Ortiz, Costume Designer for the horror flic The Wretched, and Allen Hopps, director of Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano TX, talk to Cynthia Kirkland about making scary stuff and what you need to ensure that your halloween really rock this year.



 CREATURE FX of Lifeforce

invasion of Space Vampires

Creature Effects Designer, Nick Maley, tells the inside story about the "in camera" transformation effects, animatronics and prosthetics that he created for Tobe Hooper's cult classic vampire/zombie movie Lifeforce.


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Nick Maley

Special Makeup and Creature FX Designer, screenwriter, Second Unit Director, author, motivational speaker, founder of the Follow Your Star Foundation and STARnet Events, Nick was a member of Stuart Freeborn's creature crew on Star Wars IV A New Hope and became a key contributor to the creation of Yoda for The Empire Strikes Back. Having contributed to Superman - The Movie, The Shining, and devised sequences for movies like Highlander, Krull and the groundbreaking creature effects in the cult movie Lifeforce, he is a veteran of over 60 movies. His knowledge of creature creation and practical effects, combined with his constant desire to uplift the lives of those he meets, has endeared him to three generations of movie fans.

Cynthia Kirkland

Cynthia is a full-time seamstress/maker for Disney World and Disney Cruise Line helping to bring characters from Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar to Disney properties around the globe. She won the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con 2019, and consequently went on to design a fashion line under the Marvel's Avengers Endgame license for Hot Topic and Her Universe.

Cynthia's knowledge and skill in all forms of costuming make her an ideal panelist. Cynthia has also worked tirelessly as an organizer for this event, dispite also being an admin for Print the Curve Flat a group making 3D printed NIH approved masks to fight COVID 19 

Rick Prince

Rick Prince and Rashaad Santiago rose to international attention as competitors on the SyFy Network’s hit competition series Face-Off where Rashaad was the winner of Season Six. The show's focus on crafting complete characters in a matter of days gives them a great perspective on the challenges of working against the clock and under pressure. Rick has created animatronic characters for theme parks and clients including Hasbro’s Transformers Universe, Disney, Universal Studios, Dollywood, and Busch Gardens. These two talented creators have teamed up to face new challenges, undertake commissions and share their experiences at events worldwide.

Laura Cristina Ortiz

Originally from New York, Laura Christina Ortiz started her career as a costume assistant at Disneyland before transitioning to film and TV.

As a member of the Costume Design Guild 892 in LA,  she has worked as a costume professional constantly since 2010, rising from costume assistant on Ghostbusters while functioning as Wardrobe Supervisor and Costume Designer on smaller projects.  In just a decade, her designer credits total almost fifty TV and movie projects including We are not Cats, Sunset on the River Styx, Runt, and Wretched, (featured in the NY Times and ranked as the #1 horror film in drive-ins across America.)

Allen Hopps

Allen Hopps started his haunted house career at 10 years old and has stuck to it with unwavering focus. Starting as a year round actor at Terror on Church St. and then Skull Kingdom (both in Orlando) he has moved on to Haunt parks in Texas and consulting for attraction across the country. From 2013 to present he has been the director of Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano TX which does 5 differently themed shows a year. Allen also operates Stiltbeast Studios a company that produces costumes and training content for haunted attractions as well as a youtube channel that is a library of haunted attraction DIY projects. Allen has a huge passion for the haunted attraction industry and does his best to help it grow and innovate.


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