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Here's a list of pages of interest to those of you with a technical interest in MFX. They're not in any particular order but the links are pretty descriptive. As always I advise you to check this page regularly because new pages are being added all the time.


The birth of movie Animatronics ?
Movie Animatronics Vs. Disney's Audio Animatronics
Evolution of the Make-up Department and the secret of foam Latex

Six people behind the Main Unit Cantina Characters
The background to the creation of the Star Wars creatures
Wampa suit photos
Bib Fortuna prosthetics photos
Chewbacca suit photos
The Making of Yoda Part I
The Making of Yoda Part 2
The Making of Yoda Part 3
The New Yoda
New Yoda Mechanism
email question about making foam Yoda

Superman? What Make-up Effects?
The little Nuked Superman

The Widow of the Web prosthetics from KRULL

The Punk Kurgan from HIGHLANDER


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