The Punk Kurgan

The Punk Kurgan was a joint effort between the Make-up Department and the Special Effects Make-up Department. Originally I intended to supervise both but as pre-production developed it was obvious that I couldn't handle the load. Lois Burwell was suggested as head of the Make-up dept. At that time she hadn't supervised many movies but I had faith not only in her abilities but also in her capability of working in tandem with me. She did an excellent job.

For the Punk Kurgan I didn't want to do a standard bald cap since a realistic cranium shape is impossible using that method. In addition, so much attention was being drawn to the head by the tattoo (and hairy dragon tail) that I knew it had to be an outstanding job. I created a foam latex cranium. Having artworked the tattoo and the rest of the head I fixed the hairpiece to the inside of the prosthetic and pulled it through the skin. I finish it off by punching loose hair around the hairpiece to make it appear that the hair grew out of the scalp.

The thin edges of a prosthetic are usually damaged when the piece is removed. Because I didn't want to discard the head and re-artwork it each day I used a series of additional pieces along the edges which could be discarded daily using a water soluble glue to fix them to the main head.

Lois would then take over. She applied Clancy's facial make-up producing the gaunt skull like look and continued with the row of safety pins across his slit throat that she applied each day (I believe by using wax and collodien).

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