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These are the main two indexes and ( with the exception of a couple of links) both work pretty well without frames

Nick Maley's CineSecrets..Movie inside stories.... Star Wars, Highlander, Superman & more.


Nick Maley's .Art Online..An extension of his Caribbean Art Galleries.

These link pages are 95% good too.

Movie Links..........Star Wars Links..........Prequel News & Links

The Star Wars Prequel indexes are more problematic so I have selected the files below which contain links to the other files.
Cast & Crew
Anakin's Home
Chaing's Corascant
Leavesden Studio
Ships & Equipment

the page below is good and leads to a second page which is also OK.
But the second page ends with a link to
detailed analysis page that won't work without frames
The New Yoda
Come back here and use the link below instead
detailed analysis of the new Yoda Mechanism