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The following are a selection of the best sites that I have found offering background information regarding the trilogy and prequels. I'm sure there are others out there and I am happy to consider other suggestions. These are individual pages from much larger sites which have been chosen for their specific content. If you like a page you may want to explore the rest of that site too. The index at the bottom of the page will allow you to navigate from one to another without having to return here.

Nick.... Prequel page lots of whispers and rumours from one of the webs most renowned SW sites now on a new server and using another name. Excellent. Updated very regularly but can be slow to load.

Corona Productions STAR WARS prequels pages - SW Episodes I, II and III. These are very interesting and very extensive pages filled with unsubstantiated rumors collected from a multitude of sources. Good fun.

The Official Star Wars site - A very professional site filled with lots of official Star Wars stuff.

JediNet - Reliable prequel news presented in a professional setting

Other Star Wars Links other great STAR WARS links.

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