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The following is a short selection of sites dedicated to the STAR WARS trilogy. There are literally thousands of them out there and this is just a personal choice. I am happy to consider other suggestions provided they have a significant contribution to make. The index at the bottom of the page will allow you to navigate between sites without having to return to this page.



T O S H I S T A T I O N - Without doubt my #1 favorite STAR WARS site. It's humerous. It's irreverent. It's original........... it's just great!

The Official Star Wars site - A very professional site filled with lots of official Star Wars stuff.

Beggar's Canyon A very atractive new site by Robert Beasley formerly of Docking Bay 94. It is refreshingly different for a Star Wars site and is worth a visit just for it's design and layout. Prequel updates too.

The CineSecrets Prequel links The best sites that I have found providing information about the prequels are to be found here. News, rumors, storylines etc. If you haven't already been to this page I seriously recommend that you check it out.

Mikey's Movie Mania and Diesel's Star Wars Page Both Mikey and Diesel contributed photos to these pages. You might like to check them out. (recently these pages have been down. I will leave it for a week or two before I remove the links.) STAR WARS Characters An extensive look at the Trilogy charachters.

The Complete STAR WARS List The list of all lists. A huge archive of STAR WARS links. Formally one of the webs most renowned SW sites (from Texas) now on a new server and using another name. Excellent. Updated very regularly.

JediNet - A well rounded and well presented STAR WARS sight looks at all aspects of SW entertainment.

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