DECEMBER 2007... The move to St. Maarten is now complete!.

We have to apologize for the HUGE delay in updating this page. We were so busy building the Front Street Gallery "Planet Paradise" that we didn't even have time to write about it. We were not quite finished in time for the 2005 season but opened the doors anyway. What with catching planes, running 3 galleries in two countries and meeting 150,000 passengers a month, updates and completing projects ended up taking a back seat.

Nick did release two new Star Wars giclees, (one of which is now sold out), plus a heap of other new prints and movie items, but trying to post news about them here just eluded us.

Finally something had to give. We received an offer on Aiton Place and it only made sense to stop hopping planes, close Island Arts in Antigua and make time to focus on finishing the Movie Museum at Planet Paradise. That will open in January and houses Nick's private collection of rare movie relics.

A bout of illness in November slowed Nick down for a couple of weeks but provided the opportunity (whilst laid up in bed), for him to dig into his files and produce a new range of Behind the Scenes Movie Insights that he has released as a new range of prints. We are calling them Nick's CineSecrets after his original 1997 award winning website of the sane name. They have proved hugely popular already with photos and stories about making Star Wars, Superman and more.

Nick has also accessed through the movie studios posters hand signed by George Lucas, Harrison Ford and other movie stars. He can get them for almost any movie, so if you have a favorite star/movie, and want an autographed poster you should drop us a line. These items are one of a kind so you won't find them posted here. Finding out what we have is best done by email.

As we are now headed into the new season so it may be a while before we can add images of the new artwork. PLEASE bear with us!


NOVEMBER 2004... HUGE update completed! .

AT LAST we have completed 60 pages of updates and uploaded over 22 new images. You can now view and order all the new giclees via the prints page. As the new season rolls in, we expect to be swamped again with over 90 ship visits a month. Even so, regular pricing updates will be provided via the simplified paPrices.txt file. Although this file is less attractive than a regular webpage it can be updated very easily and we hope this will overcome the delays of past months.

The conversion of Nick's beautiful cultural residence, from art gallery to serene holiday let for discerning tourists is almost complete. A romantic four poster has been added to the master bedroom and photos and prices will be available in the next update.


APRIL 2004... 15 cruise lines and an EXPLOSION of new prints.! .

The 2004 season has been a zoo with the number of cruise lines recommending Nick's work climbing to 15. They now run video in the cabins to over 1.6 million passengers! With Nick catching planes 2 or 3 times each week, the Star Wars parties have had to be abandoned entirely. Aiton Place (formerly our premier gallery) has been closed all season as Nick only ever overnights there now. There has been no time to update the web pages either so changes in print prices (driven by increased sales) are not currently reflected in the online price listing. Some items like the 16x20 edition of Follow Your Star have sold out entirely. . You should email for details of current values if you need them.

Similarly, no pages are up yet for all the new giclee prints released since January. (See the January update below). Eventually we will compress all the images and build a page for each one but until thrn the list below is an indication of releases to date. Images will follow

  1. As Man Recreated Woman - 24 x18 canvas giclee 25 & 6AP  $475 & $850 - 16x20 art paper giclee  95 & 15AP  $225 & 290 - 8x10 art paper giclee 195 + 15AP  $75 & 150
  2. Child of the Tropics IV - 8x10 - art paper giclee 195 + 15AP  $75 & 150
  3. Christy Study#1 - 11x14 - art paper giclee  95 + 15AP   $110 & $160
  4. From the Jaws of Adversity - 20x24 - canvas giclee 25 +6AP Value $700 & $800 SPECIAL price $195 & $250. - 16x20 art paper giclee (some of the AP 20x24)   195 & 30AP Value $400 & $500 SPECIAL PRICE $95 & $150
  5. Halcyon Hues - 24x30 - canvas giclee embelished 25&6AP  $550 & 650 - 24x20 - canvas giclee 95&15AP  $390 & 490  - 16x20 - art paper giclee 195&30AP    $150 & 225
  6. Hay Day - 16x20 - art paper giclee   95 & 15AP    $225 & 290 - 11x14 - art paper giclee  195 & 38AP -  $110 & 160
  7. Hot Days. Hotter Nights. - 11x14 art paper giclee  95 + 15AP   $110 & $160
  8. Lost Kurgan from Highlander - 16x20 art paper giclee   95 & 15AP - $150 & 225 - 8x10 art paper giclee 195 & 38 - $75 & 110
  9. Memories of Degobah - 16x20 - giclee  195 & 30AP  $225 & $295
  10. Muse of Dreams & Illusions - 24x24 - canvas giclee 25 & 6AP - $650 & 750 - 16x16 art paper giclee  95 & 15AP  $150 & 225 - 8x8 art paper giclee 195 + 25AP  $75 & 110
  11. Reclining Nude cat#385 - 11x14 art paper giclee  95 + 15AP   $110 & $160
  12. Sharik - Princess of Old Street 1B - 11x14 - litho + AP 95&15AP (as P8x10÷95) Value $110 & $160
  13. Sharik - Princess of Old Street 2A - 20x24 - canvas giclee 25 +6AP Value $475 & $575 - 16x20 - art paper giclee 195 & 30AP Value $225 & $290 - 11x14 - litho + AP OPEN&38 Value $40 & $150
  14. Stargazer - 24x30 canvas giclee 25&6AP  $475 & 575   - 16x20 - art paper giclee    95&15AP    $225 & 290 - 8x10 - art paper giclee 195 & 30AP - $75 & 110 Still Waters - 24x30 canvas giclee 95&6AP $650 & 1300 - 24 x20 art paper giclee    195&30AP    $225 & 325
  15. Stormclouds - 24x30 - canvas giclee 25 & 6AP  $750 & $1200  
  16. Wild Thing! -11x14 - art paper giclee  95 + 30AP   $110 & $160



  1. Following the success of the YodaGuy's expansion into St Maarten and the instant popularity of the initial giclee prints on canvas, (currently back ordered), we are proud to announce the acquisition of our own giclee printer which arrived in St. Maarten on December 15th. The vibrant colors and unparalleled resolution of giclee prints has taken the art world by storm since their emergence in 1990. To our current knowledge, The Island Arts of the YodaGuy is the first Caribbean gallery with it's own giclee facility. As a result you can expect an explosion of new HAND FINISHED ultra-limited editions through 2004. These will vary from colorful canvases in editions of less than 100 to delicate works finished with pastels in editions up to 195 on watercolor paper. Many of the new prints will feature some of the lesser known 418 originals which Nick has done over past years and old customers should see MANY new images printed to conservation standards in the near future. Our giclees on acid free paper and canvas use inks with estimated light fastness of 75 to 200 years under glass! This development is bound to increase the prices of Nick's originals this year.
  2. Unfortunately the massive commitment on Nick's time means that he no longer has time to meet visitors at his home, Aiton Place. Consequently that gallery is temporarily closed until future operation becomes more certain.

JUNE 2003... WELCOME DISNEY! .We are thrilled to welcome Disney Cruise Lines as the 11th cruise line to recommend our galleries to their passengers. With Nick's association with 53 movies, (especially Star Wars), Disney seems a perfect strategic partner. Since our expansion into St Maarten we have become recommended shopping to over 1.4 million passengers a year and eagerly look forward to future developments.

FEBRUARY 2003... There are TWO NEW MAJOR EVENTS to report this update....

  1. Firstly there is a NEW YodaGuy outlet in St. Maarten! Through our association with Antillian associate Joycelyn Martina, a new Island Arts of the YodaGuy has opened at 106 Old Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Old street is a charming location just 200 yards from the central cruise ship drop off. We have a new website for that location so do take a look. St. Maarten has the advantage of high cruise ship traffic during the low season and Nick will be making pubic appearances there to sign prints and movie memorabilia three times a week. If you are traveling to Antigua or St. Maarten we recommend that you email ahead to know which days Nick will be on that island. When he is not in St. Maarten then Gloria is there to greet old friends and make new ones.
  2. Nick's long awaited giclee prints on canvas and watercolor paper are emerging at last. Initial artist proofs are being released for Still Waters (30x24), Follow your Star, (20x24), As Man Recreated Woman, (20x24), Stargazer, (20x24), and Muse of Dreams and Illusions, (24x24). The giclee of From the Jaws of Adversity, (18x24) has been very well relieved... especially at this trying time of conflict. It is extremely powerful with the increased contrast typical of giclees on canvas. This is a very personal piece to Nick who offers it at 60% discount to commemorate the 911 tragedy. "It's my intention to get the image out there for posterity," says Nick. "I don't aim to profit from that tragedy. Giclee prints on canvas are very expensive to make and I offer then to others almost at cost." Many other images are to follow in the biggest expansion of Nick Maley prints of the past 5 years. surfing the print values pages will indicate the range of images being elevated to the elite giclee format. For more information email YodaGuy@IslandArtsAntigua.com .
  3. The print values page have been updated at last if you want to check the current valuation of your collection.
  4. A series of new lithographs and reprints is being planned for the summer. These will mainly be 8x10 and 12x18 open editions. Watch out for details.

AUGUST 2002...

  1. We are very pleased to announce that Nick's painted 911 tribute "From the Jaws of Adversity" is being released as an edition of 25 giclee prints on canvas. Each work is hand finished. Although these are out in time for the anniversary of this tragic event Nick can only complete 2 or so a month so first come, first served. List on these is $700 but as Nick doesn't want to profit from 911 he is offering this expression of his feelings about the tragedy at 60% discount! There is also a poem that he wrote on the page for the print that buyers are encouraged to download.

JUNE 2002...

  1. Our Star Wars Gatherings in Antigua!
  2. In addition YodaGuy.com is now redesigned and is the central resource for after sales services.
  3. If you are returning to Antigua some time you might want to bookmark our SPECIALS for visitors to Antigua! A new page that's becoming very popular for obvious reasons.
  4. Second edition of Reflections of the Dockyard 8x10 is now released ($38) including Artist Proofs at the bargain opening price of $110. There are only 38 and the price increases after 10 sell.
  5. An 8 x 10 version of Five Island Sunset is released too at the same price. A page and pic will follow in due course.
  6. Nick has finally approved a process to start his next series of repligraphs. Some 10 or more images are in the works in editions of only 25 size 20 x 24 on canvas. The first two are As Man Recreated Woman and StarGazer. These are much larger than was originally planned. They are Giclee prints hand finished with Aquamedia so no two are the same and look just like originals. Opening price is $375.
    FEBRUARY 2002... Well... Where do we begin to update the developments of the past 2 years and to explain why we have been silent for so long? Well there were several MAJOR contributing factors....
    1. The resurgence of the Star Wars Trilogies caused a HUGE expansion of Nick's time interacting with fans online. Our movie archive CineSecrets.com (named "Best of the Web - Special Effects" by the BBC) was swamped with as many as 500,000 hits a week and 3 hours of email daily!
    2. Then disaster struck. A freak event in 2000 temporarily destroyed CineSecrets.com and forced us to rebuild our main online presence! Network Solutions ignored our domain transfer instructions and sold our name to someone else... someone who ignored our offers to trade back our name presumably hoping to profit from keeping it... AND THEN DID NOTHING WITH IT!!! It was impossible to completely redesign the 14,000 files we have on-line and so it became a waiting game to reclaim the name and took a full 13 months to revive the site. We are still in the long process of updating links and files. PLEASE BEAR WITH US.
    3. Where Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise lines have recommended Island Arts for years to their passengers they were joined by 7 other cruise lines to make us the most recommended gallery in the Caribbean... Costa, Sun, Princess, Crystal, Norwegian, Cunard & Holland America lines now send thousands of tourists to our little Heritage Quay Store and to be frank the increase in time needed to cope with the rush has been overwhelming.
    4. I will allow you to decide whether our popularity with the ships had anything to do with another store renaming themselves "Island Artists" but a court battle pursued that wasted more time and effort. In 2001 we finally changed our corporate identity to YodaGuy at Island Arts to dispel any possible confusion and in 2002 "Island Artists" finally closed down.
    5. We redesigned this online gallery and established an individual domain name for it IslandArtsAntigua.com. It turned out to be a much tougher job than anticipated. In all it was 3 months before the redesign was complete and it incorporated a new music window that you may have already found. By clicking on "start music" in the index you can access (or stop) over 40 musical selections and to help you find music you like we've broken them into suitable categories. If you don't see an index click here. The music window will sit on the desktop behind your browser so that you can access it to change or stop the music as you wish.

      I am sure you can see why we were somewhat preoccupied and why Nick has produced less originals in the past 2 years than at any time since arriving in Antigua in 1985. But he has recently started on a series of new sketches and hopes to produce a new series of works later in 2002.

      We have recently updated the print values page and now you van scroll that one page to price and view all available works.

      Nick's autobiographical painting "Follow Your Star" is now 75% sold out. The initial 16 x 20 lithographs were released as a VERY SMALL EDITION of only 195 prints. The autobiographical work and NOT A SCENE FROM STAR WARS. Nick describes it as a "self portrait" A symbolic work about Nick's life, his involvement with Yoda and the journey he made from making movies to living in the Caribbean. This piece is undoubtedly THE RAREST OF ALL STAR WARS PRINTS. Nick has also been buying RARE Star Wars memorabilia and reuniting production documents that were separated for almost 25 years.

      Email from Nick's movie fans have resulted in him producing a range of inexpensive autographed items which can now be purchased online.

      We also added the "Other Artists" biographies.... so if you have a work by any of the many artists that we have been agents for over the years you can now download information about them.

      Through all this the Caribbean Art Draw has been somewhat neglected with almost no new registrations. But we will be revamping the list of subscribers on our new 1001resources.com server in coming months and will revive the contest and newsletter at that time.

      The 8 x 10 prints of popular sold out limited editions have proved to be hugely popular and now include Stormclouds at Dickenson Bay, Paradise Lost and Reflections of the Dockyard.

      Nick's sail boat..... "Pumpkin", 28 foot C&C which he and his friend Doug Luery salvaged after hurricane Georges has won the International Team Trophy (Cruising Class) for 3 years in a row at Antigua Sailing Week. A recent dismasting has left them busily rebuilding the boat in order to defend their title. We will keep you informed of their progress over coming weeks.

      Ergo .


      Island Arts Galleries, St. John's, Antigua, West Indies.


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