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Print Values.. .This 911, twin towers, tribute painting by Nick Maley is a memorial to the victims of the world trade center bombing.This is the only 911, twin towers, tribute painting as a memorial to the victims of the world trade center by Nick Maley.  It is unique and fantastic and a one of a kind 911 tribute to the victims of the world trade center bombing and the fall of the twin towers... Place Orders

"From the Jaws of Adversity" (Series 1) Reproductions are less pixelated.

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The savage events of 911 inspired Nick Maley to create this extraordinary visual statement.The twin towers, silhouetted in wondrous starlight seem so vulnerable in the jaws of destruction. But from the 911 tragedy the MIGHT of the eagle takes flight. He also wrote the following prose to go with it...

In the darkness of my raging heart... I will remember.
In the vacuum of
your broken lives,
I wonder why?

In the morning,
In the evening,
and in long nights
of silent thoughts,
I feel your absence.
in a cloak
of consternation.

If any act could prove
the futility of hate
this would be it.
As the resolve of millions
upon the tears
of humanity.

© Nick Maley 2001

"Nothing anyone says will ever cushion the blow of that terrible day", says Nick . "This appalling act of terrorism touched the hearts of thinking souls around the world. It was not just an attack on the US. It was an attack on the economies of all those nations who look to the US for income and inspiration. Citizens of many countries died there... even some from my tiny island home. This work is both a memorial to those who died and a celebration of the undaunted spirit that arose from the ashes. There is an intrinsic darkness in the consumption of so many lives and yet much more power in the determination to prevail."

Nick's first tribute to 911 was a photo composite done within weeks of the tragedy. All income from that tribute went to the disaster fund.

Nick's painted memorial took a year to conceive and execute. Now he PERSONALLY produces this historic trubute in a series of archival giclees on his own in house giclee press. He is adamant that he doesn't want to profit from the 911 tragedy and HEAVILY discounts thisNick extraordinary image.

ON PAPER: These superb reproductions on textured watercolor paper are much more vibrant than regular lithos. Each is artist signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The image above is available on paper in the following sizes...

An OPEN edition of 195 - 8" x 10" (Standard frame size) & a limited edition of 195 - 16" x 20" (Standard frame size)


ON CANVAS: Prints on canvas are HAND EMBELLISHED. With unique detailing and Nick's characteristic decal edging, no two are ever the same. They look just like small originals. The quantity of editions on canvas is always VERY small. Each piece is usually made to order and can take up to 8 weeks to complete. Each piece is artist signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This image is available on canvas in one edition of 25 prints sized 20x24

 Each print is signed and numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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