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  1. Bullet Nick will be at the C2V (celebrity autographs) stand at Celebration VI in August 2012.  read more.

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  1. -Nick Maley’s appearance at Celebration IV

  2. - The creature effects of KRULL

  3. - That Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

  4. -The great advantage of being young & ignorant

  5. - Why “that Yoda Guy” ?



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Creature Effects of KRULL

Nick talks about the creatures he designed for KRULL.

that Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

“That Yoda Guy” Movie Exhibit is Nick’s brainchild...  a small movie museum in a small Caribbean island with a cast of superstars.


Nick at Star Wars Celebration VI

Find out about Nick’s appearance at Star Wars Celebration VI... the worlds biggest Star Wars party!