A long time ago, in a museum far, far, away....


“That Yoda Guy” Movie Exhibit is Nick’s brainchild...  a small movie museum in a small Caribbean island with a cast of superstars.   Vader, Palpatine stormtroopers and tusken raiders, stuff from ALIEN, HIGHLANDER, HELLRAISER, TERMINATOR, MIB, plus Angelina Jolle, Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogary, Jimmy Cagney, Boris Karloff, they are all there.

“That Yoda Guy” Movie Exhibit is a not for profit foundation which aims to encourage kids to be creative and exceptional.

that Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

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CineSecrets video files are an updated format for the movie insider memoirs of “that Yoda Guy” Nick Maley, a make-up and creature effects artist who contributed to SUPERMAN, HIGHLANDER, KRULL and the creation of YODA for EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

Videos are still being compiled. Please be patient