1. Nick’s autobiographical Star Wars artwork is limited to 4 images which are the only Yoda images actually created by someone involved in building Yoda.

  2. "Follow Your Star", was the first of Nick’s Star Wars related prints. The 16x20 limited edition version has been sold out for some years and is now valued at $800. But there is an 8x10 litho available at $40. There are also hand embelished version on canvas. Email for price and availability. The autobiographical work is NOT A SCENE FROM STAR WARS. Nick describes it as a "self portrait" A symbolic work about Nick's life, his involvement with Yoda and the journey he made from making movies to living in the Caribbean. (top left)

  3. A second print, Memories of Degobah is even more popular, and features Nick with Stu Freeborn and Frank Oz and different versions of Yoda created for ESB. The 16x20 version of that is also sold out and valued at $800. But the 8x10 litho ($40) and canvas versions are available for that too. (center left)

  4. The third is another sketch, Days of Swamp and Servos, a piece commemorating the radio controlled version of Yoda which Nick and effects tech Ron Hone built for ESB. (bottom left). Like the others, the 16x20 version is sold out and valued at $800. The 8x10 litho ($40)  and canvas versions are available


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  1. Nick’s 4th Star Wars image Stranger on the shore refers to him retiring in the Caribbean. At first glance you see a Caribbean teilight. But is that a colorful cloud... or a galaxy far, far, away? And who is that retired under the trees?

  2.   All these images are included in Nick’s new book Words & Pictures.

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  1. The Yoda Guy Movie Museum in St Maarten is now the only gallery authorized to sell Nick’s movie artworks which are undoubtedly THE RAREST OF ALL STAR WARS PRINTS.

  2. Email for information on these and other RARE Star Wars memorabillia.