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At the age of 35 Nick was at the height of his movie career. He shocked his friends and colleagues when he decided to devote more time to his paintings, traded his Ferrari for a sail boat, cruised the Caribbean for almost a year and established a base on the island of Antigua.  

His first yacht was aptly named Quick Getaway which local sailors took as a challenge!   Fourteen Antigua Sailing Weeks later, (one of the largest regattas in the world). Nick was Commadore of the Jolly Harbour Yacht Club, racing every Saturday and winning 3 International Team Trophies for Antigua in Cruising Class.  Much of that racing was on his third boat, a 25 year old vessel Nick found in a tree after a hurricane.

SALVAGING PUMKIN:  Nick proved the old adage that "it's an ill wind that blows no good" by acquiring a 27 foot sailing yacht, PUMKIN which hurricane Georges bounced off a few rocks and tangled up with a tree in Seatons, Antigua. As you might imagine, Nick and his sailing partner Doug got a good deal on it.   PUMKIN was a boat that he had wanted to acquire even prior to the storm as, in ANTIGUA SAILING WEEK 1998, she had won BEST ANTIGUAN BOAT, and BEST CARIBBEAN BOAT, and the B CLASS, and was second in CRUISING III.

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