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FXpo... a proposed project of Nick's that preserves the inside stories of famous movies told by holograms of the movie maestros who made those movies.  Access the website here.

MINI FXPO ~ Making something imaginatve and inspiring out of every day items is one of Nick Maley's specialities.  The photos below document how he and his volunteers turned an ordinary lecture room into an impressive holographically narrated movie exhibit.  This was miniFXpo, a demonstation held at TH-Nuremberg Technical University in July 2016, aiming to highlight the ambiance and technical principles of Nick's proposed FXpo project.   This FREE to the public exhibit, with interactive menus, dramatic lighting and movie related displays, transformed the room into a magical array of movie history and cutting edge presentation technology.   Photos below.   360 degree tour HERE.

more of Nick's bio... Saving Yoda                      

or PRINT full bio...

CHECK OUT the 360 degree tour HERE

HUGE credit to Susanne Spitz who took Nick's floorplan and expertly masterminded assembling the walls.

BIG credit to Jorg Steegmuller who's Star Wars figures were heavily featured

BIG credit to those students and staff of TH-Nuremberg that were part of our miniFXpo team

BIG thanks to Phil Conrad who drove our animatronic Yoda display back from London

Big thanks to the Wolf Brothers our longest standing CosPlayers for their ever reliable support.

and more THANKS to all our other volunteers that made this a very special event.