The Widow of the Web prosthetics 2/4

The quality of this magazine clipping isn't great but it shows the fifth piece going on. The center of the nose was located first. Then the piece was stretched in order to provide sufficient tension to ensure realistic movement and accurately locate it on top of the right muscles. Finally the cheaks were stretched into place. Stretching a piece to fit can be a great benifit to realistic movement so long as the tensile strength of the foam is not too great.

You can tell from the shaggy hair that I didn't have much time to worry about my looks. The heavy sweater tells you how much money the Pinewood Studios spent on heating. I'm not sure whether that look on my face is concentration, consternation or constipation!


That's a better expression. Beryl Lerman (in the background ) assisted me with the make-up. She was a great support on KRULL.

The sixth piece (being applied), was the largest covering both sides of the face and the front of the neck. When this went on I would suddenly feel like I was progressing but it was a false sense of security for this was also the least successful prosthetic piece in the make-up.


It was the thickest and consequently the hardest to stretch. Because of the gelatin glue I was using I was unable to use Di-iso-Octyl Pthalate in alcohol to expand the neck back up to size again as I would normally do. Although the interior of the neck was incised to aid movement I just couldn't get the foam light enough to locate it where I wanted and had to "fiddle" a lot to get it to work adequately.

If I was doing it again I would split the piece into two sides with an overlapping front or increase the size of the cast of Francesca's neck to allow for shrinkage later.



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