The Widow of the Web prosthetics 3/4

The face was completed with the addition of the forehead, lower lip and eye bags. The last piece to go into place was the back of neck. Note that Francesca's long hair was held out of the way with a stocking.

With the facial prosthetics in place the process of artworking began...... In the background (walking away) you can see Marian Nicholson who helped me in the molding process and assisted Beryl and I in the make-up sessions.

Beryl started by helping me apply the hand prosthetics but over the course of the six days that the Widow was filmed, she slowly took over most of that work...... just leaving a few tricky sections for me. You can see her in action above.


I was particularly pleased with the hands. We put a lot of effort into them...... another 12 piece.... 10 fingers and two backs of hand. Often hands are neglected or done in one or two pieces just because it's more expedient. But they are extremely difficult to do convincingly (unless they are static) and the precise positioning of knuckle over knuckle and joint over joint... almost wrinkle over wrinkle, is essential for natural movement. Once again the pieces were stretched slightly to provide more realistic movement.



I guess this was one of those tricky moments which Beryl left for me.

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