Crew Profiles: Beryl Lerman

Beryl is the daughter of Make-up veteran Wally Schneiderman. Was part of the make-up crew for ELEPHANT MAN and EYE OF THE KNEEDLE before coming on board to assist me on HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (where I also supervised the Make-up Department). Beryl did a great job of executing Lesley Ann Down's make-up and soon impressed my with her quick mind and her ability to accept responsibility. Very soon she was "standing by" on Anthony Hopkins for me whilst I produced new prosthetic pieces for the coming days.

After working with Barbara Streisand on YENTLE she became my main effects make-up assistant on KRULL....... helping with the application of prosthetics and masks and overseeing the creatures on set while I developed others in the workshop. On THE KEEP she , Graham Freeborn and Dicky Mills took care of the straight make-up for me while Michael Mann was putting me through my paces with an endless round of tests and design changes. On GRIZZLY II, I asked her to run the Make-up Department independently. She has progressed as an accomplished Make-up Artist & Supervisor over the years and assisted on BRAVEHEART. Although we have not stayed in touch I think of her often.


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