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I'm afraid the "originals" part of this section looks like it will never get finished. of the 407 originals done to date only 16 remain unsold and updating values is impossible. If you have an original you want to value please email with a photo of the painting/drawing and its size and any markings or numbers.

The "print" pages have been updated and only a few prints have not been scanned for technical reasons. By clicking one of the following links you will access a pictorial index. Close individual index windows as you finish with them or new indexes may load in old windows BEHIND your browser. Click on an image to pull up it's details. These indexes can take a while to load but it lets you preview the images without going through each one independantly. If you try to make a link before it has loaded some images may be missing. Be patient. You can choose from Open Editions (inexpensive signed prints issued in unlimited quantities), Limited Editions (less common items), Ultra Limited Editions & Repligraphs (very collectable images on paper in editions of less than 200 and one of a kind, hand finished, reproductions on canvas). These last items are very rare, issued in editions of 25 or 50. For ease of access the artworks are also grouped by subject, ( Children, Black Images, Fantasies, Views). You may also find them via special categories such as Series 1 or Sold Out .


Many people are understandably surprised by the variety of my paintings and prints. There's a natural tendency to expect all works by an artist to look the same but the work is a never ending voyage that takes the artist through many strange lands as he pursues an elusive destination. To understand the relationships between my paintings you really need to read about the various Series and for a thorough understanding of the work you should check out Artist's Notes .

If you recently bought an item from Island Arts, or Aiton Place (my galleries in Antigua), you should read Artcare which includes a lot of useful information about framing and locating artwork. If you're checking in to assess the current value of artwork that you have already bought, we have recently installed a current print values page which provides another easy way to scroll Nick's images. You will have to wait a while for current originals values but you can email requesting a valuation on a specific work. If you wanted to advertise some of Nick's work that you want to sell through our "Forum"..... you're a little early. That page is not built yet.

The ComingSoon section gives you a flavour of what is in the pipeline and includes a glimpse of the next generation of images to be offered at our bargain pre-publication prices. Be sure to let us know which images you like.


If you enjoy the site or have any (polite, constructive) suggestions then email me at nick@cinesecrets.com

Have fun.

Nick ....

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