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"Muse on a Mermaid's Kiss" (Series 1) Reproductions are less pixelated.

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Although not always obviously related, my Series 1 paintings can be broadly categorized as EXCURSIONS WITHIN THE 5TH DIMENSION. Each excursion has a distinctive flavor but all refer to the 5 dimensions of height, width, depth, time and memory..

This is a harmonious blend of romantic forms that considers the plight of the most isolated of romantic female forms, the mermaid.

I can't help wondering who could come up with this glamorous creature only to cast her upon the waters without a mate. Actually I think there are a couple of operas that include mermen, but I don't think she would want to spend eternity at the bottom of the ocean having some guy singing opera to her. I don't think she would kiss him. So who would this sadly introspective creature consider caressing with those pale lips? The dolphins perhaps? The concept is probably more appealing than the reality and they're very fast moving. She definitely would not kiss the fish! They're slimy and scaly. Perhaps her wasted kisses are destined to drift with the current, like bubbles on the wind. Perhaps I can find one to take home for lonely nights!



The poem



How lonely is the mermaid?

that.... beauty of the sea,

who rests upon the ocean bed for all eternity.


What happens to the kisses that she saves for her companions?

Do they..... surge between the breakers?

Do they..... drift through coral canyons?

Do they..... touch the spiny lobster and caress the cuttlefish?

Are they ... cast upon the waters?

Could I .......... get one if I wish?


And I wonder.... would I drown within those ever moistened lips?

Would they.... drift across my torso?

Would they....... touch my fingertips?

'Cos I know they're out there somewhere just as constant as the sea,

and I want to test the waters of that sweet tranquility.


If I could find that secret place, I know she's waiting there,

with the flash of dappled dolphins in the current of her hair.

And I'd swim within her tenderness

with passion, wild and free.


I hope she has the patience

to save a kiss.....

for me.

© Nick Maley - 1997


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