In the wake of the Sept 11th tragic terror bombing I made two tributes to the innocent from over 60 countries who died as a result of this atrocious hate crime. The civilized world grieves for this crime against humanity. I produced these tributes using images I found on-line. Each element is the property of the individual copyright holders... but given the circumstances I don't suppose they will mind it used this way. YOU CAN NOT SELL IT, and neither do I. It is available to all touched by this terrible tragedy.

There are two versions. a desktop image version.... and printable 8x10 suitable for framing. Feel free to use them. CLICK ON EITHER IMAGE for the full size version and copy to download.

The composition and words are my own and if you are moved by it you might consider donating $10.00 to the National Disaster Relief Fund of the American Red Cross which can be done at, or or or a number of other on-line communities.

Don't let a bunch of terrorists dictate your lifestyle. The odds of being involved in a terrorist act in the US are over 14000 to 1 (based on population figures) and MUCH less if you travel outside the US.

A NEW TRIBUTE in the form of 25 hand finished repligraphs on canvas featuring the twin towers and called Jaws 911 is being released by Nick shortly.

Nick Maley

If you are a copyright holder of one of the elements of this composition and object to its use in this way PLEASE advise me asap at I will redesign accordingly. I have made efforts to gain permission from the sites where I found the images (Yahoo & Altavista) but had no response.

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