The navigation bar above leads to several departments where related files may be accessed.

New Stuff will call a sub-menu listing recent developments at the site or the gallery which pinpoints items of particular interest.

Whois Nick will lead you to a lot of information about Nick Maley's life... Official Bio (a basic biography detailing career highlights), exhibitions (art credits), Artist's Notes the concepts behind his artwork, movie credits (a breakdown of all his movie achievements), Publications (a list of books, catalogues and magazines detailing Nick's art and movie work), Series an explanation about how he differentiates between different catagories of his artwork) and Aiton Place our home & his primary gallery.

Nick's artwork takes you directly to the prints. Originals & Prints (an overview of the reproductions Nick has made) and a series of sub menus that provide ease of access to groups of artwork. A print may be listed by both edition type, ( Open Editions, Limited Editions, Ultra Limited Editions, Repligraphs), and by subject, (Landscapes, Children, Black Images, Fantasies, Views). These pictorial indexes may take a while to load. Please be patient. You are loading a group of small images. click on the image you like to view it at a larger size. To avoid confusion and clutter, close the index window when you are finished with it. In addition to the above groupings an image may also be included in special categories such as Series 1 or Sold Out.

Nick's "Originals" page is not yet available.

A bbs is being assigned to Island Arts as a place where you can communicate with others interested in Nick's work. It will provide an ideal opportunity to post notices about any of Nick's artwork that you may want to locate or sell without having to pay a commission to a gallery or agent. It's particularly useful because you know anyone reading your notice has a specific interest in the subject. When it's running you will find a link in the Nick's artwork sub-menu.

Print Values is a guide to the value of all Nick Maley reproductions (including those editions that are sold out). Unfortunately it often takes a few months after a price change before we get around to updating this file. "Originals Values" will be an approximate guide to the value of originals but is not available yet.

Other Artists is still small as we just haven't had enough time to create pages for the many artists we carry but recent additions include a focus on past exhibitions at Aiton Place.

Nick talks about... provides a collection of interesting files and essays by Nick. There are some amusing articles about Art Appreciation, history and originality. Artcare provides customers with useful information about what to do with your art once you've bought it.

Terms & materials is a glossary that helps define many of the terms used on the site.

The Footer below links to a number of utilities such as search & email as well as linking to Nick's other major sites.


Finally a word of advice. If the files are locking up you are probably trying to link to a part of the file that has not yet downloaded. You can read a file while it downloads but don't try a link unless (a) the file has finished downloading or (b) you are sure that you are linking to a different file.

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