Nick Maley recalls, “When, in 1968, Stuart Freeborn headed the team that built the apes for  2001 - A SPACE ODYSSEY he created a new form of creature effect. A semi mechanical creature suit which, in that case, was operated by the actor inside. Over a decade later this became known as “animatronics”. But for many years there was a lot of resistance within the industry to make-up artists sculpting creatures, making moulds, building mechanics and effectively creating costumes... all of which were the domain of other union departments.

Arthur C. Clark recalls, (here) "Kubrick hired only the best people, and Stuart Freeborn's costumes, as donned by Daniel Richter's mime actors, were a major factor in creating the most convincing scenes ever filmed of the distant past.

To my fury, at the 1969 Academy Awards a special Oscar was presented for makeup to Planet of the Apes! I wondered, as loudly as possible, whether the judges had passed over 2001 because they thought we used real apes."

These last words are undoubtedly responsible for the widely held belief that the Academy thought Kubrick had used real apes. But the real reason Chambers got the Oscar over Stuart was that the Academy was not sure that men in suits and the soft mechanics we now refer to as animatronics should be classified as make-up... even when done within the make-up department. It was a debate that lasted until animatronics finally found acceptance with Rick Baker's ground breaking transformation in American Werewolf in London in 1981.

When, in 1978, we built Yoda we were now making puppets too... supposedly the domain of the Props Department. At that time, Prop-men were supposed to operate puppets too. So operating the puppet Yoda  that we built was not an option. As a result Jim Henson was invited to collaborate with the performance. Because of the fame of the Muppets we got past the political issues. But the puppeteers and trainees that we worked with didn’t have the right union tickets and so the credits they received were often obscure.”

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Are animatronics really “make-up”?

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