“Everyone knows Yoda... the world’s favorite alien. Yet few fans can name 3 or 4 people involved in bringing him to life. In fact, there was a small army of talented people behind the scenes who’s contribution creating Yoda has generally gone unnoticed. This website is dedicated to correcting that... and to answer blogs that argue over who did what.

Few fan’s realize the politics behind the emergence of movie animatronics and the confusion that even movie makers had over where the boundaries should lie between  union departments resulted in a lot of confusing credits that have left fans asking “Who really made Yoda?

This website is founded upon the recollections of Nick Maley, one of the contributors. Through a quirk of fate, Nick has become known as thatYodaGuy. But he has sponsored this website to highlight the contributions of the many other ‘Yoda Guys’ who were involved...

RALPH MCQUARRIE. Yoda illustrations

JOE JOHNSTON. Yoda illustrations

STUART FREEBORN. ANH: ESB: ROTJ: creature designer,  sculptor of Yoda, builder of the first animatronic Yoda mechanism (Yoda’s Dad).

FRANK OZESB: ROTJ: TPM: chief puppeteer and voice of Yoda

WENDY MIDENER FROUDESB: Yoda body fabricator, liaison between Stu and the Muppets, puppet armature builder and Yoda puppeteer.

NICK MALEY. ESB: Builder of the second animatronic head, Yoda mold maker, skin maker, head assembly, art worker.

GRAHAM FREEBORN. ESB: ROTJ: Yoda’s make-up & hairdresser.

NICK DUDMANESB: trainee generally assisting Stu Freeborn assembling the prototype Yoda.  ROTJ: prosthetic make-up artist  TPM: creature design supervisor including the Episode I Yoda

DAVID BARCLAY ESB: trainee, Yoda lip modeler & Yoda puppeteer (Yoda’s eyes)   ROTJ: puppeteer

BOB KEEN. ESB: trainee & mechanical assistant who worked with Nick Maley on the second animatronic Yoda head.

RON HONE. ESB:  radio control supervisor

DENNIS LOWE. ESB:  radio control technician assembling the radio controlled Yoda mechanism used in Luke’s backpack


MIKE QUINN. ROTJ:  Yoda puppeteer


DEEP ROY. ESB: little person inside the “walking Yoda.”

Who are “those Yoda Guys” ?

This website is sponsored by the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit & movie insider recollections and museum.  At the time of publishing, (2010), Google and Bing searches reveal that there is no other page detailing information about Yoda designers, Yoda technicians and Yoda puppeteers. So if the info appears on any future sites it was clearly copied from here. DO NOT COPY ANY PART OF THIS WEBSITE WITHOUT PERMISSION, PLUS A LINK TO THIS SITE & A TEXT CREDIT.
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*NOTE: THIS SITE IS IN NOT CONNECTED TO LUCASFILM OR GEORGE LUCAS who own all rights to Yoda and the creatures from Star Wars. The use of the string "yoda" in our domain name and the presentation of images from the saga are courtesy of their generosity in allowing us to do so. Our use of the name YodaGuy is NOT intended to imply that Nick was the only "guy" who worked to produce Yoda. Several people were involved in making four versions of Yoda for ESB and more again for versions in ROTJ, PTM and AOTC. (Read making Yoda for more info). "YodaGuy" is intended to imply ONLY that Nick Maley is a guy who was involved. Yoda and all creatures for the classic Star Wars trilogy were masterminded by Stuart Freeborn who Nick worked with periodically over a 7 year period. The initial drawing: Ralph McQuarrie. Other people involved include Wendy Midner, Graham Freeborn, Ron Hone, Bob Keen and Nick Dudman.

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The info is written from memory. It’s been over 35 years and there are undoubtedly some corrections needed and more contributors that we are not aware of, especially from TPM. If you have FIRST HAND knowledge of the creation of Yoda PLEASE email it to us with details of your connection to the STAR WARS movies.