1. A lot of SW blogs ask, “WHO REALLY BUILT YODA?”  This site provides historical information on the personalities who designed, fabricated and operated the animatronic versions of Yoda for the Classic STAR WARS Trilogy.  Yoda illustrator, Yoda designer, Yoda sculptor, Yoda mould maker, Yoda skin foamer, Yoda skull maker, Yoda animatronics techs, Yoda body fabricator, Yoda puppeteers.

  2. These include Ralph McQuarrie, Stuart Freeborn, Frank Oz, Nick Dudman, Wendy Midener Froud, Nick Maley, Graham Freeborn, David Barclay, Bob Keen, Ron Hone, Dennis Lowe, Kathryn “Kathy” Mullen, Mike Quinn, David Greenaway, Deep Roy.

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*NOTE: THIS SITE IS IN NOT CONNECTED TO LUCASFILM OR GEORGE LUCAS who own all rights to Yoda and the creatures from Star Wars. The use of the string "yoda" in our domain name and the presentation of images from the saga are courtesy of their generosity in allowing us to do so. Our use of the name YodaGuy is NOT intended to imply that Nick was the only "guy" who worked to produce Yoda. Several people were involved in making four versions of Yoda for ESB and more again for versions in ROTJ, PTM and AOTC. (Read making Yoda for more info). "YodaGuy" is intended to imply ONLY that Nick Maley is a guy who was involved. Yoda and all creatures for the classic Star Wars trilogy were masterminded by Stuart Freeborn who Nick worked with periodically over a 7 year period. The initial drawing: Ralph McQuarrie. Other people involved include Wendy Midner, Graham Freeborn, Ron Hone, Bob Keen and Nick Dudman.

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