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Nick writes, “"It started as a sailing adventure in 1994, I piled paintings on my 36 foot Tartan 10 CAMPACHANO in Antigua, and set off through the night up the lee of Barbuda and the Atlantic side of St Barts. The breeze was up, the boat raced through the night and navigation by my handheld GPS was perfect As the sun came up, we squeezed through the narrow gap between Anguilla and Scrub Island, cruising down to Sandy Ground.

It was my second show at the Courtney Devonish Gallery, but the first time that I had publicly displayed my poetry.  I was pretty sensitive as to how people might react as the works were a very mixed bag.  The show generated a LOT of interest from folks of very different backgrounds. Sales were worthwhile. The reaction was very uplifting and the concept of revisiting that idea in the form of a book was born.

But life is always hectic. And who has time to stop everything to write a book?  It took 16 years and intense hospital confinement to break my schedule and generate the opportunity to see these pages in print. I guess, sometimes, bad experiences give birth to good.”

The book will be released next week (Aug 2010) and the FIRST EDITION will only be available at Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit in St Maarten.

The FIRST EDITION is limited to 300 signed and numbered books which can be dedicated to customers or their loved ones.

Because of the rarity of the publication it is valued at US$300, but is discounted to US$195 for the first 100 customers.

WORDS & PICTURES is the only book of poetry and paintings ever created by a veteran of the Star Wars Trilogy. As Nick was involved in building Yoda, the book includes several images of the little alien that Nick painted over the years.

Prints contained in the book would fetch over $300 if sold separately.