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Our Preferred Systems

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* Manual entry credit card. Scociabank now allow us to take credit card information over the internet. It is a big help, but the restrictions a bit of a hassle.

* Send money via Zelle.  A very simple solution and our preferred payment option. Zelle transfers money between banks by simplifying the wire transfer system. Hundreds of banks partner with Zelle and provide that option through your online banking App. Here is a list of banks. 

Get the Zelle App for your phone and send money with your credit card.. Once you are signed up for it, it's as easy as PayPal with less hassle. Note: if there is a limit on your card you may need to break payment into more than one transaction.

* Make an over the counter deposit to Bank of America at any branch nationwide. Also simple if there is a branch near you.

 * Wire transfer for INDIVIDUALS and companies via your bank or online banking system 

* If none of the above are good for you move to the second level

We are always investigating payment options and these options may change periodically