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Yoda Lives

The original Yoda puppets fell apart decades ago.  But a member of the original team has rebuilt him!
Yoda Lives and is available for charitable & autograph events worldwide.


2017 40 years of Star Wars:Nick andthe new puppet stars with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (short version).

with 4 impromptu puppeteers

An amazing night with an amazing orchestra.  The first, fully operational, LIVE Yoda performance anywhere worldwide.


Nick Maley talks about building Yoda for Star Wars Ep V ~ The Empire Strikes Back

detailed info on different verions and the team members

Unique insights into the making of Yoda and some of the main people involved in his construction.  Filmed at FYSF's miniFXpo in 2016.


Nick Maley Talks about making Star Wars at the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra 2015

Ggreat music, personal memories and a little inspiration

Video from 2015, before the new puppet was built.  Nick addresses the audience with a typical rememberance and words of inspiration.


BACKGROUND: Saving Yoda Project

Yoda Lives, thanks to the efforts of veteran creature designer Nick Maley, (a key contributor to creating Yoda for Star Wars,) and his team of "Saving Yoda" supporters.  The original puppets disintegrated 20 years ago and Nick raised money to rebuild him in 2016.  This massive task took over 1000 hours and volunteers in four countries.   For authenticity, the puppet was completed using the exact same principles as the original in 1978.   You can see photos of the process here


The continuation of the project is being sponsored by The Propstore as we continue our efforts to recreate a perfect practical Yoda puppet that moves and performs exactly as the original did.  

"Right now we are working on variations from the original caused by different puppeteers having varied hand sizes," Nick explains.  "The lower half of Yoda's face is entirely flexible and different hand sizes create variations in the facial expressions.  The animatronic movements of the SavingYoda puppet move perfectly, with all the subtlety and biological softless of the original. But we will not be satisfied until we correct this final deviation"

 THANK YOU Propstore for your support.  Original props, costumes and creatures from famous movies.

You too can support the continuation of the Yoda Lives project by purchasing an autographed item at with the notation #yodalives.


Original "Saving Yoda" video appeal

used during the initial fundraising campaign 

A humorous video explaining the project from 2015.

This was the original funding appeal.  We are now in the second phase of the project.


Clip: Yoda Lives at FYSF's miniFXpo

the first taste... 1976

This simple demo of the prototype puppet in action gave a little insight into the puppets capability.  At this point there were only two puppeteers.  It requires 3 or 4 operators. 


Clip: Nick Maley Yoda Panel at JediCon

real vs digital

Nick discussing the various Yodas at Germany's Official Star Wars Fan Club convention.


book Nick and Yoda for your convention or event

message us to make a booking


Nick Maley and Yoda will be appearing at...
  • Jan - April 2018

    Not Travelling

    Continuing repairs to our  Carribean apartments after hurricane Irma, Nick and Yoda are unable to travel during these months.  However...

  • Jan thru May 2018

    Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

    Yoda on permanent display
    Tour of the exhibit
    Sales of movie relics

  • 15-17 June 2018

    Denver Comic Con

    Nick, Yoda and other Star Wars Celebrities

  • July 7th 2018
    Liverpool, England

    Star Wars Gathering

    Hanging out with some old friends
    Yoda in action

  • Subject to further engagements
    June 19th - July 4th
    July 9th - Dec 2018

    Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

    Yoda on permanent display
    Tour of the exhibit
    Sales of movie relics

  • to be advised

    other appearances

    A further appearance is in negotiation


Nick Maley and Yoda appeared at...
  • Jan - May 21st 2017

    Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

    Yoda on permanent display
    Tour of the exhibit
    Sales of movie relics

  • Sun May 21st 2017

    Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
    Star Wars Concert

    Guest Speaker
    An amazing night at an amazing venue

  • 26-28 May 2017

    Puerto Rico Comic Con

    Nick, Yoda and other Star Wars Celebrities

  • June - Aug 2017

    Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

    Yoda on permanent display
    Tour of the exhibit
    Sales of movie relics

  • 1-4 Sept 2017

    DragonCon ` Atlanta

    6 panels
    Puppet Track
    Star Wars Track

  • Oct 2017 to 2018


    Due to the hurricane on Sept 5th, all engagements had to be cancelled to allow for repairs to Nick's Caribbean museum and apartments


Star Wars Panel at PRComicCon

3 generations of SW personalities

Insights to Nick's career
SW rebels & two Jedis


Coming Soon: Nick's DragonCon videos

Sept 2017

Nick is doing 6 panels an varios subjects including "The untold story of the creation of Yoda" and "The background to the Mos Eisley Cantina Creatures.


Los Criticologos interview

more insights

Los Criticologos talks to Nick after the 40 Years of Star Wars concert in Puerto Rico


NO.  Sorry.  We do not have a licence to sell animatronic Yodas and to be honest, they would be too costly. The Yoda Lives project is for historic and charitable events.

Only if you have a contract with Lucasfilm allowing you to do so.  

We can manage with a  2M (6 foot) table at autograph events but that does not show the puppet well.

* for a good display, a 3M x 3M corner stand
* two x 2M tables
* A 110v power sauce and multi socket

* A canopy/cloth above to block ambient light


* one 2M table (bigger is better)

* A 110v power sauce and multi socket

Rent Yoda? No.   But you can hire Nick to do autographs, panels or Q&A and he will bring Yoda with him as a FREE extra.  Not available year round.  Email for detaild and scheduling.

26 inches.  Yoda could not be taller than the length of the puppeteer's arm

Different materials...
* Foam latex
* Rigid polyfoam
* Acrylic

* Carbon Fiber

* Aluminium and brass sheeting

* Foam sheeting

* Stainless steel wire

to make a booking or request information, please use the contact form below.