Crew Profiles: Marian Nicholson

I first met Marian as Colin Arther's long standing girlfriend and workshop assistant. Colin loved to prepare the effects for most of his movies at home and so few of his helpers had union tickets. That didn't matter so much since most of his films were not Studio pictures. When I helped Colin in the early 70's Marian was his unofficial number 2 and we worked together on several projects including SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER and DISRAELI.

After she and Colin separated, I invited her to join me on the under crewed BRITANNIA HOSPITAL, an insane movie with insane effects which needed to be done in an insane time frame. Somehow we survived that movie and moved straight on to THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. She worked long and hard, making and duplicating the molds for the Anthony Hopkins prosthetics. As that finished she moved with me to KRULL, setting up the workshop as the crew was assembled. Her lack of tact meant that she made few friends amongst the crew but her ability to "muck in" with any job.... no matter how impossible it may seem was a great asset. The last film she helped me with was LIFEFORCE when we were also joined by Dorathy Arther..... Colin's sculptress mother.


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