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Nick's insights into STAR WARS and the other 50 movies he contributed to were first published online at in 1997. That archive became very popular and was named "Best of the Web - special effects" by the BBC, later receiving as many as half a million hits in a single week!, Unfortunately, a dispute with Network Solutions resulted in us loosing control of the domain name for a year and the site is now slightly fragmented. With over 20,000 files online we can't keep up with updates so PLEASE overlook a few broken links and out of date pages. We will get to them sometime before the end of the decade. The stories are all still there and as unique as ever (don't copy them onto other sites please). If anyone WITH EXPERIENCE wants to webmaster and free Nick to write new memoirs DO email us.

We recommend that you enter CineSecrets through the front door but if you only want a shortcut to the Star Wars pages you can do so here. You will miss a lot though. The pages on making Yoda are a UNIQUE insight from one of only 6 people who were there.

For those of you who don't know, Nick contributed to the famed STAR WARS Cantina sequence, and was closely involved in the creation of Yoda for the Hollywood blockbuster EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. We aren't going to give you the whole bio here, but in short, Nick contributed to 53 projects, including SUPERMAN and HIGHLANDER and worked alongside megastars like Marlon Brando, Katherine Hepburn, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins and Robert Redford. Not surprisingly, he has many stories to tell. An award winning video director in his own right, his film work was featured in CINEMAX and HBO specials, won a place in The Guinness Book of World Records, and graced the cover of American Cinematographer. In 1996, his directing debut won a medal at the worlds largest film festival, with over 3400 entries from 38 countries. Nick traded his Ferrari for a sail boat in 1985 when he and his wife Gloria settled in Antigua. He rapidly built a reputation as an outstanding artist and his celebrated paintings have been shown in 17 countries worldwide.

In Nick's movie days he worked 12 - 18 hour days, 6 - 7 days a week. As hairdressers aren't open between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am he would cut his hair between movies and often looked like the wild man of Borneo. Hey! He had no time for dates anyway! Right you can see him assembling the radio controlled Yoda that was in Luke's backpack in Empire Strikes Back.
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Nick has over 20,000 files online. alone has recieved as many as 500,000 hits a week. Each home page will open independently on the desktop. Some sites employ multiple windows for indexes, music etc. To avoid clutter close each window as you are finished with it.

*NOTE: THIS SITE IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO LUCASFILM OR GEORGE LUCAS who owns all rights to Yoda and the other creatures from Star Wars. In fact the use of the string "yoda" in our domain name and the presentation of images from the saga are courtesy of their generosity in allowing us to do so. Our use of the name YodaGuy and registration of the domain is NOT intended to imply that Nick was the only "guy" who worked to produce Yoda. There were several people involved in making four versions of Yoda for ESB and more again for versions in ROTJ and PTM. Credit is given to most of them in the making Yoda pages of our movie archive Please read those for further clarification. Our use of the name implies ONLY that Nick Maley is a guy who was involved. Yoda and all creatures for the classic Star Wars trilogy were masterminded by Stuart Freeborn who Nick worked with on and off over a 7 year period. The initial drawing was by Ralph McQuarrie. Other people involved in building Yoda for ESB include Wendy Midner, Graham Freeborn, Ron Hone, Bob Keen and Nick Dudman (who built the new Yoda for PTM).

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