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There is a purring pestilence that lives around our home,

and terrifies all earthly things no matter where they roam.

A little cat named Fiat,

a match for any leaf,

who treats the dog with pure contempt and goats with disbelief.


I heard a crash in the garden one hot and humid day

and found her by the compost

where the crickets often play.

Her head was all a quiver,

with disbelieving eyes,

for there before her sat a frog

with slippery, slimy, thighs.


Well Fiat's mouth fell open.

Her heart was all a flutter.

She did a backward somersault and landed in the gutter.

The frog stayed quite collected,

his skin all wet and flobby.

He smiled a little froggy smile and said his name was Nobby.



they sat with one another

discussing next week's weather,

examined all our potted plants and wandered off together.

They whiled away the afternoon,

these two unlikely chums,

crushing plants and dragonflies,

terrifying plums.

and as the sun was setting upon their leafy glen,

played hide and seek with a cassie bush.

Then hobbled home again.


The light was quickly fading

when much to our surprise

they gave each other a woeful glance

and said their last goodbyes.

Their mutual admiration

overflowed like a loving cup.

Then Fiat,

looking sheepish,

ate little Nobby up!


What did you think this was..... A fairy story?


© Nick Maley 1987



Island Arts of the YodaGuy
Antigua, West Indies & Sint Maarten, Netherland Antilles


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