acid free lithographs

An autobiographical sketch about
Nick's experiences filming on Degobah.

Self portrait #6
Memories of Degobah
(Series 3) Reproductions are less pixilated and color may vary.

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Memories of Degobah is Nick's second autobiographical, Star Wars related, fine art reproduction. The value of the first, Follow Your Star, increased from $150 to $700 by the time it sold out. Memories of Degobah is expected to do the same thing and has become out fastest ever selling print,

This work shows Nick's memories of the problems experienced with the mechanism of the first Yoda puppet that was built. Nick's boss had to open the back of the puppet head periodically to perform surgery on the mechanism. You can see Nick helping him do that on the right of the print. Shooting was seriously delayed and Frank Oz, seen operating Yoda in the bottom center of the print, spent hours waiting for repairs with the rest of the crew. After 2 days Nick was asked to build the fourth Yoda which is seen in most of the movie.

It has become our fastest selling print ever.

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