Welcome to the updated domains of international artist, movie make-up wizard and EMMY nominee, Nick Maley. Known around the world as "thatYodaGuy"* because of his involvement in the creation of Yoda for STAR WARS, Nick is one of the Caribbean’s most unique experiences. 15 cruise lines have made his elite originals, collectible prints and RARE movie memorabilia the most recommended in the region. And if you are one of the millions of cruise passengers who have visited his St Maarten gallery and movie museum, you will know it’s the only place IN THE WORLD where you can visit a STAR WARS veteran, without queuing up at a convention. Nick dedicates his artwork and movie memorabilia  for tourists, (or their loved ones), and shares insights into the magical world of movie making?

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Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit,

Planet Paradise,

19a Front Street,

Philipsburg, St Maarten,

Netherlands Antillies

(thats in the Caribbean)

tel. + 599 542 4009


The index on the right has links to some of Nick’s diverse websites. Below are the most popular options...

OPTION 1. If you are about to visit St. Maarten check out YodaGuyMovieExhibit.comNOTE THAT OUR ANTIGUA GALLERY IS NOW CLOSED and will not reopen. This allows Nick time to concentrate on developing the movie exhibit at Planet Paradise.

OPTION 2. If you are one of the thousands who have already visited the YodaGuy's Caribbean galleries these pages are assembled to provide after sales service and support. is where you can find any poems you want to go with your artwork.

OPTION 3. If you're a movie fan who stumbled upon this page you have several options...

  1. Nick’s Star Wars history blog has TRUE stories about your favorite films and superstars... like the time George Lucas caught Nick nailing another techie to the floor! (really).

  2. Nick’s answers to fan’s questions responds to many commonly raised topics.

  3. YodaGuy Twitterings is Nick’s page for Twitter fans.

  4. You might also consider visiting Nick in St Maarten to view his movie exhibit.

OPTION 4. If you want to order artwork or autographed items then you should visit the

OPTION 5. If you want the latest info on new releases and current developments visit the What’s Happening blog.

OPTION 6. And if you want information on vacationing in St Martin at Nick & Gloria's romantic apartments,  you will find it here.

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