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Beaches in St. Martin / St Maarten
fun in the sun
Anse Marcel, a very pleasant, quiet beach by the Radisson hotel. very calm and protected. Good place to go when the sea at nearby Orient Bay gets too rough. French side so it is likely to be topless.
Cupecoy Beach is on the Dutch side close to the border. It's beautiful and unspoiled, with rocky outcrops, caves and pure white sand. Surf can be strong, but it's usually protected from the wind. Warning: steep drop-off.
Dawn Beach, incredible sunrises over the end of St Barts. Westin Resort and Oyster Bay Beach Resort are here plus beach bars and restaurants. It’s an atlantic beach so surf can be high. Adjacent is Oyster Pond with a thriving marina that makes for good photos.
Friars Bay, north of Marigot, is a pretty family-oriented beach with light surf, refreshments and facilities. Good for shell collectors most times. WARNING: rapid drop off. The adjacent lagoon has waterfowl for wildlife enthusiasts.  French side so it is likely to be topless.
Happy Bay, just north of Friars, is breathtaking. It is relative inaccessible so very quiet. You walk there from Friars Bay through a country trail with untouched countryside and great views like this. Because it is secluded, you sometimes find naturalists there.
Great Bay Beach, is a BIG sandy strip that Philipsburg is built along. It’s a popular white-sand beach with umberellas and beach chairs set up for cruise ship passengers and you can watch the HUGE ships come and go nearby.  The boardwalk has restaurants and shops like no other beach and 50 feet away is FRONT Steet filled with duty free shopping. Our sponsor, Star Wars personality Nick Maley, has his studio and movie museum there, so stop in and say “hello”. 
Guana Bay, north of Philipsburg. Leave from the head of town going towards Oyster Pond and turn right at Guana Bay Road. It’s a long hike over a ridge so take a car if you aren’t a hiker. It is secluded and sandy. It’s an atlantic beach so surf can be high. Good for body boards. Watch out for undertow 
Kim Sha Beach, is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Simpson Bay Beach because it, (and the road to the airport), is sandwiched between Simpson Bay and Simpson Bay lagoon. This popular beach is adjacent to the Atrium Resort, with shops, restaurants, activities and parking nearby.  Surf is light, sand is white and powdery. 
Le Galion Beach aka Embouchure aka Coconut Grove, has shallow, calm waters near the shore. Excellent for kids and windsurfing offshore.
Little Bay Beach, has clear calm waters. Reportedly very popular with snorkelers. But experienced snorkelers will probably not be satisfied with the few fish which inhabit rocks laid down by the hotel. 
Long Beach, this beach can get very hot as there is little shade and it tends not to be breezy. Near the shore can be rocky. At the southern end of the beach is the elite Hotel La Samanna. But it is usually quiet. is a.  WARNING: can be a steep drop-off.
Maho Beach is renowned for the unusual thrill of airplanes passing right over their heads as touch down on the nearby runway. Also known as Sunset Beach... it has great sunsets. 747s and 757s approach the airport only about 50 feet overhead. People go there for the jet blast. They hang on the fence to see if the blast will push their feet off the ground. (More about that here.). Watch out for flying sand and belongings.  Sunset Beach Bar next door is a god viewpoint. Sunset reportedly offers free drinks to women who go topless. 
Mullet Bay Beach, a mile long and very popular with surfers as the surf can be big. Being close to the French side there may be some topless here.
Orient Beach, the largest and most popular beach on St Martin. LOTS of facilities... beach bars, restaurants, shops, and watersports including kite surfing and parasailing. Also many places to stay... hotels, villas and private apartments. At the southern end of the beach is a well known nudist resort, Club Orient. Nudists walk the beach early in the morning.
Pelican Beach / Flamingo Beach, ( Pelican Resort and Flaming Resort ), popular as it is a great place to watch the sunset. Moderate surf. NOTE that the beach chairs are condo owners only. 
Prune Beach, aka Plum Bay, is an intimate, crescent-shaped stretch of sand with a smattering of large rocks. 
Rouge Beach, this LONG, spectacular, French side beach is delightful, with good snorkeling at the north end. French side so it is likely to be topless. WARNING: waves & currents
Simpson Bay Beach, is a very quiet, half moon crescent of white sand with very few visitors. There are small hotels like Mary's Boon and the Horny Toad.  Warning: the drop off is often steep.
Pinel Island. While discussing beaches in St Martin, we should mention Pinel Island, offshore from Orient Beach... accessed by ferry from French Cul De Sac. It’s a VERY popular day trip with fine white sand, good snorkeling and restaurants. Excellent for the whole family.http://thatYodaGuy.com/http://thatYodaGuy.com/http://YodaGuyMovieExhibit.com/../uniquesxm/sunset_usxm.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3

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