S A F E . . .  Exploring the sex centers of places you don't know can be nerve wracking. How do you tell the rip off joints from the bona fide? How do you tell places that are dangerous from ones that are not? SEXinStMaarten.com is an INDEPENDENT review with NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in the establishments that we discuss so you can be sure that the information we provide is unbiased. We give directions on "how to get there", an overview of what to expect, plus any relevant cautions or observations.

U P D A T E S . . .  Having read the reviews online and booked your trip, email us when you are about to leave and we will post the LATEST INFORMATION. Immigration regulations in St Maarten limits the stay of sex workers to only 12 weeks. Consequently conditions change frequently. About a week prior to your visit, members can email for last minute info on what's hot and what's not. This service is unique to us.

P E R S O N A L     G U I D E . . .  If a member requests a personal guide to help negotiate his evening of sexual adventure it can usually be arranged.

D I S C R E T E . . . We handle your needs with discretion. We understand your needs because we share them. That is why we gathered this information in the first place. Billing is handled discretely too and your details will NEVER be revealed to ANYONE.

This website is part of the SEXintheCARIBBEAN.com network. Local knowledge from frequent visitors.

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