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G i r l s...   Protected WITHIN THE PRIVATE MEMBER’S AREA you will access photos of recommended girls as well as info on brothels and casa de citas in the area.  But working girls do not want their photos shown on publicly accessible pages like this. They don't want the folks back home knowing how they are earning a living. So we do not include their images on our public pages.

Any site that claims to show photos of working girls in the DR is probably lying. Either that or the girls don’t know their photos are publicly displayed online. What does that tell you about the operators of those sites. They want to fool you into believing they have the most beautiful girls so they show photos of models instead.

We are an INDEPENDENT site with no financial interest in the clubs and bars and we discuss. Even if we know a few individuals that we can recommend, we do not betray their trust by showing their faces on a public page. Girls shown here are NOT HOOKERS. But they are very similar to what you will find.


typical girls that you may find in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Las imágenes anteriores son típicos de las niñas que usted puede encontrar en la República Dominicana. Pero no hay imágenes de mujeres para sexo en nuestras páginas públicas.