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S T A Y    S A F E . . .  Exploring places to find sex in the Dominican Republic can be nerve wracking. You want to know where the girls are. BUT you don’t want to walk yourself into an unexpected situation. We use our experience to provide cautions or observations we consider relevant to avoiding potential problems and pitfalls.  We know the Dominican Republic well. We give you general advice about safety issues, Then we add specific safeguards related to the location you are visiting and, where possible, we separate reported rip off joints from the bona fide. Whilst can’t guarantee your safety, we are the only website that advises you of potential dangers and risks that you may encounter. That can be the difference between a great trip and a spoiled vacation. We have NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in the establishments that we discuss. Consequently, you can be sure that the information we provide is independent and unbiased.

U P D A T E S . . .  Every few months we revisit Sosua. We personally check that our information is still current and, between visits, consult with contacts that live in the DR who update us if a club closes or another opens. The updates aspect of our service is unique to

D I S C R E T E . . . We handle your needs with discretion. We understand your needs because we share them. That is why we gathered this information in the first place. Billing is handled discretely too and your details will NEVER be revealed to ANYONE.