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Traveling to Sosua in the Dominican Republic? Then let be your guide to the best commercial sex encounters in the area.

FINDING WOMEN IN SOSUA ISN'T DIFFICULT. Staying safe, not falling into sex tourist pitfalls and distinguishing between high risk situations and reliable services is a little harder. Our guide to SEX in Sosua and the outlying areas takes the risk out of exploring the town's sex providers. In the member’s section, we provide overviews of the majority of sex bars, clubs and brothels. We give addresses and where possible phone numbers.  We add tips on what to watch out for, highlighting potential pitfalls along with the bonuses. Our “Updates” blog provides periodic news as each establishment evolves or closes and others open.  In short we provide you with the advantage of local knowledge. Our review saves both time and money. Given the right information, money you might have wasted on poor experiences can be enough to pay for a whole night of wild sex! More importantly, knowing how to avoid risky areas might even stop you being mugged.

There are quite a few sex bars/brothels and nightclubs to choose from. Some are expensive. Some are very inexpensive. Some have glamorous women. Some have rather ordinary fare. Some are safe. Some are downright dangerous. As a visitor, how do you avoid the pitfalls and con artists? How do you tell which establishment is right for you?

OUR SERVICE IS CHEAP... only $ 14.95 FOR SIX MONTHS and we are NOT ASSOCIATED WITH A PARTICULAR CLUB OR BAR so you know we are unbiased. If you can't decide which of the DR's sex towns to chose from, you might want our comparison between Sosua and Boca Chica

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