Sosua and Boca Chica are the Dominican Republic’s top destinations for sex travelers. But which do you choose between them? They are on opposite sides of the island, six hours apart by car. So how do you know which one to book a flight to? writes customized reports about various Caribbean locations where sex for sale is available. The Dominican Republic is renowned for the availability of sexy young latin women.  Why not compare the DR’s hottest destinations for unbridled sexual activity when you can access TWO critical reports at a discount price. Get both and for just $24.95. Let the CaribbeanSEXpert tell you the difference between these two towns and make an educated decision on which to visit.

Let us be your guide to the best commercial sex encounters in BOTH locations. We detail sex bars/brothels and nightclubs, tell you which  are expensive and which are not. Tell you which have the most glamorous women and which have rather ordinary fare. Tell you which are safe and which are downright dangerous. It’s a small price to pay to avoid the pitfalls and con artists? Reduce the risk out of exploring the town's sex providers.

Our reviews save both time and money. Money you might have spent on poor experiences might be enough to pay for a whole night of wild sex. More importantly, knowing how to avoid risky areas might even stop you being mugged.


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Its common for info you find online  about finding sex in the DR to be 4-10 years out of date... and often it is very inaccurate...

EXAMPLE: one site said about Boca Chica...

If you want to see which brothel has the best looking whores, it's necessary to walk down Duarte Street. Some of the famous brothels here are the Pink House, Salon Blanca and La Sala Café filled with gorgeous women

Places on Duarte St. are NOT brothels. They are bars, street cafes and a few discos. You find girls hanging out there but there is no sex on site.

Salon Blanca, and La Sala Cafe are both closed. The Pink House is probably the most unappealing brothel in Boca Chica. And none of these places are on Duarte St.

The best looking women tend not to be on Duarte St.

For the best info, the most recent updates and comparison between the DR’s hottest towns you need &

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