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Estimates of unemployment vary depending upon who you are talking to. But it is likely to be over 30%. Consequently the likelihood of making contact with a potential thief, especially opportunist crimes, is relatively high. So it is best to treat people you do not know politely but with caution. Don’t be drawn into unnecessary conversations that might distract you from an accomplice nearby. Don’t be follow strangers to remote areas or doorways where you can get cornered. Know where you are going and keep moving. “No thank you” and keep walking usually works.

Spread your cash amongst different pockets.  I usually travel with long pants that have multiple pockets and shirts with button down pockets too. I leave my wallet with credit cards in the safe in the room. I walk with enough CASH for the night and a bit extra. I put in a shirt pocket whatever I think I will need to pay the girl. That way I don’t pull out all my cash in the middle of a club and anyone watching me goes for the wrong pocket if they want to mug me. In my right trouser pocket I put small bills for drinks and taxi etc. I then split the rest of my money between two more obscure pockets so it is unlikely that I can lose everything if I run into trouble. Just not waving a roll of cash around minimizes the attention that you might generate.

Dress down. Wearing expensive clothes of looking like a tourist might attract girls who know that tourists have money. But it also attracts other elements that are best avoided. Just being a gringo will attract enough attention. If your going out alone at night, ot travelling on public transport, just hanging around a bar waiting for a taxi... dress down. If you don’t look that affluent, then criminal elements may think it’s not worth the risk to rob you. Especially if you put your hand in your (right trouser) pocket and only pull out a few low denomination bank notes.

Be careful with valuables. You see few Dominicans walking the street with flashy rings and jewelry, or laptop computers or designer bags or even waving up market cell phones around. That’s because, even if they own them, they don’t want them stolen in the street. My girlfriend has jewelry I gave her, but she doesn’t wear it in the street in Santo Domingo. If you are wise, neither will you.

Places where people handle money are magnets for people who want to locate individuals who have money. Tourists don’t go to banks to deposit cash. They go to get it. They do the same thing at Western Union and at  ATM’s. Nobody goes to  currency exchange offices unless they have money to change. So all these places are good for theives to hang out waiting for victims. DON’T CREATE SITUATIONS WHERE YOU ARE VULNERABLE. Take a cab and have the driver walk with you. Or go there with friends. Don’t show strangers which pocket you keep your cash in when you pull it out to change currency or put what you collected in your pocket. PUT IT IN A DIFFERENT POCKET. Have the cash separated BEFORE you go to the office. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Don’t be tempted to talk to strangers outside. Get out of that area and into a different environment asap.

If you pick up a street hooker in a street cafe, she may be a druggie or lead you to an unsafe situation. Also all freelancers are not regulated by club management. So you can't be sure that you will get what you paid for. Some may start to renegotiate when you get naked. I have known street hookers who wouldn't take no for an answer and tried to pick my pocket as I talked to them! Worse, if a girl is working with a boyfriend you can be lured to an unsafe location and robbed at gunpoint. I do not want to scare you off. 90% of the time you will be ok. BUT STAYING SAFE IS ABOUT KNOWING WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR AND AVOIDING POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SITUATIONS.

Beggars come in all shapes and sizes...

Children who want to polish your shoes... even when you are wearing flip flops... then beg for money for food. There appear to be a LOT of homeless or runaway street children. Too many to support. Perhaps some are organized by someone because they often a shoe shine box with them. If you give to one... there is another round the corner.

Guys who seem overly friendly usually want to take you somewhere (anywhere) that will pay them a commission. Usually that is a place you might find anyway and all that happens is they push the price up for you. If they are hanging around on foot, they are usually best avoided. I have even seen them hang out outside a club, latch on to someone going inside, then act as if they brought the guy to the establishment and hustle for a commission. If you keep saying "no" eventually they will ask for money. With guys like this it is best to be blunt and firm in the first place and say "I do not need help. Please do not follow me". They often speak English. These guys will always tell you they know where beautiful girls are. It can be very dangerous to follow a guy like this to a secluded private area where you are truly vulnerable. Do not do it.

Infirm people will beg by the roadside. Sometimes these might be amputees or homeless druggies with open wounds. You have to assess the situation or ignore them. Someone might be in genuine need... give to one and another is nearby. Druggies might lie on the ground looking next to death and the next minute might be blocking your way. It is best to avoid them and stay out of corners/doorways/confined spaces where they could box you in.

Old folk will also beg. They are generally harmless. But you can't support everyone.

If a beggar seems threatening or forceful it is best to consider the situation. If you could be vulnerable, give him a couple of 100 pesos to escape. I have known some to target people and steal their stuff just because they refused to give charity.

Outside tourist hotels are taxi drivers licensed to work that hotel. They are usually a bit more money that other taxis at they know your staying in a fancy hotel. Usually if you walk past them to the street outside there are a number of unofficial drivers waiting for you. Whilst these may be a better deal, get to know these guys over a couple of days before you climb into a car with an unlicensed driver and let him drive you to places unknown. Because outside a tourist hotel is also a good place for scam artists to wait for affluent victims too. If a driver is there every night, you know he didn’t mug a guest last night and return today to get caught. If you haven’t seen him before... pay the extra cash for a driver licensed to work that hotel.

If you travel to the DR and experience a problem not mentioned here please drop me a line and tell me what happened so I can help other visitors not fall into the same trap.


I don't want to suggest that everyone you meet is a threat, but safety is an important issue. Dominicans can be friendly and generous and protective. But they all admit that THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC IS A DANGEROUS PLACE. Locals can be robbed in a supermarket by someone who dips into their bag while shopping. The same thing can happen if you fall asleep on the bus. And places where people go to change money (cambio) are great places for thieves to hang out looking for an easy victim. As a measure of my concern is these areas, I won't allow my girlfriend to go to such places without a driver.

INSIDE A TOURIST HOTEL OR RESORT YOU ARE PROTECTED through security procedures the hotel management put in place. But it is very likely that, if you don’t check in with a girl when you arrive, they won’t let you bring one in later. Or they will give you a hard time about it. (Only the more economy hotels EXPECT you to come home with a girl. So clearly you have to leave the security of your hotel to find what you seek. And so I have to detail what to beware of.

On the street, Europeans and Americans are walking targets in the DR. You might as well have a neon sign saying "rich foreigner - ask for money". If you are buying things you'll get a tourist price, every beggar will head your way.  Everyone with a sob story or a potential investment will want to be your friend and thieves will see you as a potential victim. If you have a soft heart, this is an easy place to give away your money. If you are older or seem unaware of local ways, or appear weak you MUST take the precaution of having a driver watch out for you. In the long run it will save you money.

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