For the purposes of all Dominican Republic reports, I use the following definitions for clarity. You MUST understand these terms to fully appreciate the details of my reports.

Professional girl: a girl working at an organized establishment where she is subject to the discipline imposed by the management. These girls must work to certain standards, dress to certain standards and behave to certain standards. You can complain to the establishment if you have problems. But she must also work to the management's time restrictions and rules. So the deals and services she offers you are not very flexible.

Semi professional girl: a girl who supplements her income by looking for men after work or who is unemployed and hangs out in public areas looking for a client. These can be hard to separate from a normal girl going about her daily business (such as a student). But they often have only a cheap drink, they stay longer than is needed to drink it and, if you give them a smile, they will probable come over to talk.

Street hooker: a low class prostitute, usually working alone, who also hang out in bars but are usually dressed in a cheap overtly sexy manner. They may be drug addicts. Sometimes look unclean or disheveled. Some may be sleeping on the street. These girls are the cheapest but also the most risky.

Freelancer: a general term for any girl who works outside of a managed establishment.

Regular girl: a girl you might find at a disco or going about her daily business or working in a bar or shop. These are not the semi pros who actively go out looking for customers, BUT given the right circumstances they may still be tempted to hang out with a tourist in the hope of making a little money.

Hotel workers: ladies working in hotels and resorts as maids, waitresses and receptionists

Nightclub: This is a broad term that covers striptease/pole dancing clubs where girls may or may not be available for sex.

Cafe Bar: These can look a lot like nightclubs but are really glorified bars, often with a lounge area for chatting to the girls. They are not licensed as places for sexual activity and as such are meeting places... but the girls are scantily dressed. Once you make a choice, you pay the fee, the girl changes into street clothes and you head for a hotel. Often there is an hotel nearby with rooms to rent by the hour.

Brothel: A house where girls reside and are available ON SITE for sex. Sometimes you can also take them out to your hotel.

Casa de citas: a term that means a house for meetings. It is the general term used in the DR that refers to brothels and bars where men go to meet girls for sex.

Street Cafe: a bar or cafe open for drinks and often food which opens onto the street and may have tables on the sidewalk.

Disco: a normal disco which may be for locals or tourists. Discos for tourists are quite likely to have semi professional girls looking for an "amigo"

Hotel Bar: literally a bar in a hotel

Local bar: a bar designed for locals

Managed establishment: any nightclub or cafe bar or brothel where girls are subject to the management's rules and procedures.

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