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Safety first...

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Safety first...

Safety is an issue that should concern every traveler. Especially when following the lure of young women. It’s easy to get sucked into dangerous situations... especially if you are venturing out on the streets of an unknown city at night. 

Putting safety first minimizes your risk of being ripped off, or mugged and increases the likelihood of a carefree vacation.

We take the risk out of intimate liaisons. We vet the girls before you meet them. We make sure that their services are up to par. We provide them with a stream of clients. So they are responsible to us to ensure that they give good service. We also provide you with a SAFE meeting place. We filter out the possibility of criminal elements and, if you wish, we can even organize a private driver for you to ensure that you have added security at all times.

The girl’s watch out for you too. They want your trip to be perfect, (so you will come back to see them again). When you are walking on the street they help you stay away from unsafe areas. They treat you like a real boyfriend... only without the nagging!

Discrete: We handle your booking in a discrete manner too. Membership and deposits billing is done in an nondescript way so that nobody, (except you), knows your business.

Health Checks: We recommend the use of safe sex to protect you from STDs. But for the ultra cautious client, we can also organize the girls to do health checks before you arrive. Ask for details.

If you are hoping the girls might provide some services without a condom,  you must appreciate that they need reassuring too. Get your own health checks done before you travel and bring your blood test results with you.


We check the ID of all girls so we know exactly who they are and where they live. This guarantees that you won’t get robbed in the night and wake up alone... as you might if you pick up a girl in the street or in a bar.

When you book your accommodation through us you know that you can safely take a girl back to your room without the risk that the desk clerk will refuse to let her enter. Many resorts are very restrictive about letting local girls into the rooms so be careful if you are making your own reservation.