Curacao and St Maarten are the front runners with much small, harder to find, clubs in the other islands... Aruba, Bonaire, and St Eustacious.

Aruba is small and flat. It’s basically a big sandbank with shops and hotels. There are a number of bars that have 3-4 girls available for a quickie or a night in the sack.  But you need to know where they are.  None are too exciting so in this island asking your taxi driver to take you to a few bars is probably your best bet.

Curacao is capital of the Netherland Antillies. There are some deluxe all in resorts (not good if you want to take a girl back) and other somewhat industrial. areas.  There are several small  clubs and the largest brothel in the Caribbean... up to 150 girls in one spot!

St Eustatia reportedly has a brothel or two but this island is small and quiet and doesn’t offer the variety and quality of Curacao or St Maarten.

St. Maarten has the advantage of sharing the island with France and so the diversity for tourists is a big advantage and they probably have the best restaurants in the Caribbean. There are 10 clubs with 20-40 girls in each so it makes for some interesting nightly outings.  Dynamics in each club change frequently as girls come and a place that was HOT last week can rapidly cool off if half the firls left this week.  For updates on St Maarten you should check my detailed report at

Local community in all these islands is pretty diverse too. In the bigger islands you will find Antillians, Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Syrians and Americans all mingle. But local girls tend to keep themselves to themselves. Tourist discos are well populated in season so you may score there with a tourist or two for free.  These places start late and often go on all night.  Late on weekends, when the nightclubs close, some working girls will show up at the discos hoping to find a big spender who might adopt them.  But watch out. These girls are very professional.  They can break your heart.



Three islands just off the coast of Venezuela (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) belong to the Netherlands where prostitution is legal. (The islands are arid with some great diving.)



San Nicolas Street  The red light district, such as it is.

Check out the bars or just walk up and down the street.

Buy them a drink, work out the details, pay a room rental fee and go upstairs for one or more hours.


Charlie's Bar has been recommended as a good place to find a companion, we haven't been there and their website portrays them as a family place but we have confirmation that Charlie's Bar is also reputed to be a brothel upstairs.



www.arubaheaven offers incall and outcall and that's all we know.


Apparently there are escort agencies advertised in the local papers but quality is not consistent. (Expect to pay an agency companion more than twice that of a "Bar Girl" or more than three times the rate of a "Street Girl.")




Pachi's Bar is supposed to be the place to find "action."