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Made on a Mac

The Barracoon is the name we have adopted for our proposed BDSM facility. Many associates ask about the status of this project. This page explains the project.

Our aim is to create a moody holding area and training center for consensual sex slaves. This will provide a  place to house our slaves, a project to keep them occupied and a stimulating setting for BDSM play when associates visit us.

Our group practices the principles of responsible consensual sex slave ownership outlined at RagingHeart.com

Unfortunately, it takes money to create. Many sites encourage kinksters to consider “money” a dirty word when related to slaves or Mistresses.  But just as you can’t have a golf club without paying green fees and you can’t join a yacht club without paying membership dues, our “club” can only exist if it’s members contribute towards the cost.

The estimated cost of completing this project is US$ 300,000.  Initially we will rent a small facility to get started. But as soon as possible, we will make a purchase somewhere between Santo Domingo and La Romana, (ideally near Santo Domingo airport), and devise a facility designed for the purpose.

Money raised by our various fund raising enterprises will first be used to cover the expenses of the enterprise, meeting or event, then to maintain our current resources and finally any profit is put up towards the Barracoon.

We need support. Associates who subscribe to our Slave Vacations initiative or who become a CruelPassions associate are helping us move towards realizing this dream.

There is provision within this plan for up to 4 male slaves to become Core Members when they provide significant financial contributions to this project. These slaves may then become full or part time captives, (whichever they desire), at the facility.  They will be held 24/7, work to maintain the facility and, when completed, be housed within it. Our new Extreme Captivity project is aimed at attracting slaves who might wish to share this dream.