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Air travel from Europe...

From the UK you can fly British Airways or Midland Airways to Antigua, then Liat or Winair to St Maarten. But Liat return to SXM  is over US$350 inc taxes.

I wonder about taking a cheap airline like Ryan Air to Paris or Amsterdam and then coming to St Maarten direct on KLM, Air France or another.

Air travel from the USA...

American Airlines, Continental, US Air, Jet Blue, Delta and United all fly into St Maarten.  Jet Blue Orlando to SXM is about $400.


There are two airports, but few international flights come into the Grand Case airport on the French side. You will almost certainly arrive on the Dutch side of the island at Princess Juliana Airport (SXM). If you are on a big jet, queues for immigration can be extensive. You might get ahead of the rush if you ask for a seat near the door and fill in your immigration card while on the plane.


As with ALL countries,  immigration authorities will not let you in without knowing where you will be staying. "YodaGuy Apartments" is an unofficial nickname. They will not recognize it. So give them the official address... 

Apt # 9309-10 Hotel Mont Vernon

1, rue Mont Vernon,

97150 Saint Martin

French West Indies (FWI)

Meeting you...

Because flights can be delayed and we have another business to run, we don't meet guests at the airport. You make your own way to the apartment complex and we meet you there. For several reasons, we suggest that you take a cab. Most guests have been traveling for several hours and don't do well at traversing the island, (usually as the sun goes down), searching for a hotel that is off the beaten track in a country that speaks another language. Most get lost and Gloria can spend hours (sometimes days) wondering where they are.

Our cab...

Unfortunately our pet cabby Irving is no longer available due to illness.

If you take an independent cab...

Even if you intend to hire a car the next day this simplifies finding us. You save a day on the hire that almost pays for the cab.  Tell the driver to take you to "Hotel Mont Vernon" on the French side. The ride will take about 35 minutes. As you leave the airport, get the driver to call us to say you are on your way. Stress that he is calling a LOCAL call. The cost will be about 40 cents...

IF HE HAS A DUTCH PHONE:  Gloria:  1 (721) 524 1586.  Nick: 1 721 581 3820 or 1 721 556 7965

IF HE HAS A FRENCH PHONE:  +590 690 17 08 60

Those are 3 different carriers so if you can't get through YOU are doing something wrong

We always meet guests, but it has to be coordinated by making an appointed time to meet (ie you phone to say you are at the airport and will be there in whatever minutes). We live hectic lives and might be meeting 3000 cruise passengers in Philipsburg that day. Or you plane might come in late and your delayed 5 or 24 hours.

So you MUST call to say you arrived.

When you arrive at the hotel complex the old reception area will be closed, (the complex is now entirely residential). There is no reception personnel there.  Gloria will meet you at the Pizza place and grocery which is 50 feet away if you reached her by phone and told her when to meet. If you don't hook up with her, see "EMERGENCY SITUATION" below.

scroll down till you find what you want.


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Orient Bay, French  St. Martin (St Maarten), Caribbean. One Minute Stroll to the Beach. Fine Restaurants 1 Mile.


Studio Apartments, 1 Bedroom + Convertible bed(s), 1 Bath (Sleeps 2-3).            .


Although our superior apt #22 has additional features, ALL apartments include linens & towels, king Bed, crib on request, TV, DVD, CD player, HUGE pool, kitchenette, cooking utensils, cooking facilities, coffee pot, toaster, refrigerator, microwave, balcony, phone, a/c, laundromat on site, wifi on site, 24/7 security, private grounds, beach, tennis, even a hair-drier, What more could you ask for $395.00 to $750.00 a week? (taxes included).


If you rent a car...

It is a 35 minute drive but guests commonly get lost when they drive themselves and we have waited up to 5 hours for them. So if you don't know the island well you should use the directions and trace the route on google maps.

IF you got a car through us and they are coming to get you at the apartment the day after you arrive, you can relax in a cab and have them pick you up the next day. It costs no more as you are saving a day's car rental. Otherwise you can pick up a car at the airport.

IF you got a car through us and are collecting it at the airport, we will have given you the name of the company when the car reservation is confirmed.  There will be a desk at the airport. BE SURE TO SAY YOU HAVE A RESERVATION and give them the details we emailed to you.

Driving instructions...

FIRST CALL US FROM THE CAR HIRE COMPANY TO SAY YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY.  Gloria has to make a special journey to meet you as we are not on site. Some guests who drive themselves get lost, go sight seeing, shopping or even visit friends while she stands waiting for them. The worst to date was 3 hours 20 minutes.

Gloria:  1 (721) 524 1586.  Nick: 1 721 581 3820 or 1 721 556 7965

Those are 2 different carriers so if you can't get through YOU are doing something wrong

We always meet guests, but it has to be coordinated by making an appointed time to meet (ie you phone to say you are at the airport and will be there in whatever minutes). We live hectic lives and might be meeting 3000 cruise passengers in Philipsburg that day. Or you plane might come in late and your delayed 5 or 24 hours. So if you want us to meet you, then you MUST call.

After you have called...

Follow the road from the airport to Marigot...

As you exit the airport there is a new roundabout. You can take the first turning (right: Simpson Bay and the Dutch side) or the second turning (left: French side). Take the FIRST TURNING.

The road doubles back towards the airport (runway will be on your right).  You follow the road along the runway to a NEW roundabout. DON'T TURN RIGHT.  That will take you through Simpson Bay with lots of traffic.  TAKE THE SECOND TURNING off the roundabout which goes over a new bridge.  That leads to another roundabout.  TAKE THE SECOND TURNING, (effectively you are turning left).  Continue straight ahead and eventually you will come into Marigot. At the beginning of Marigot is a small roundabout. Go straight ahead. The road becomes one way. Just follow the road through Marigot. You will meet another roundabout. Go straight over (first turn), up a hill.  You have now exited Marigot.  Follow the road for several miles over hills and round many bends. Eventually you will see signs for GRAND CASE pointing left. There are several entrances to GRAND CASE. As you approach the last one you will go over MANY small humps close together in the road. That tells you that you are getting close to our location. After the last turning to GRAND CASE. there is an S bend. IMMEDIATELY after that is a roundabout. You turn left (third turning going to CUL DE SAC and PINEL ISLAND). You will pass a Tennis Center on the right and continue about 400 yards to the first turning on the right. This area is MONT VERNON 1. Follow the road through a security barrier and continue for about half a mile. At the end of the road you will enter the property marked MONT VERNON on the left. bear right, then left UP THE HILL to the top.  There is a barrier and a pizza place right there.  DROP YOUR BAGS THERE and park the car wherever you can.  It's a public car park. Gloria will meet you AT THE BARRIER.  But if you are running late she may be sitting outside the old reception building a few yards past the barrier.  If all else fails they will often make the call from the pizza place to say you arrived but Gloria will be checking every 15 minutes to see if you are there.

Check in time...

We need time to clean the room, after guests leave at 12.00 mid day. Some guests are considerate and leave the place swept and tidy. But others leave it like a pig sty... and we never know which to expect. Consequently we say check in is 4.00 pm or after to be able to prepare the room the way you would want it to be.


IF FOR ANY REASON YOU FAILED TO CALL AND SET A TIME TO MEET - If it is during the day you will have to wait until we get home.  OUR APARTMENT # IS 9503.  If it is at night get someone to find the Concierge. He lives on site and can contact us. NEVER break into the apartment. If necessary camp outside apt 9503.

Eating that first night...

So now you have arrived, dumped your bags and had a nap to recover from the flight. You’re hungry.  If you were met by our friendly cab, he may have offered you the opportunity to visit the supermarket.  That is a good idea. If not,  you probably don’t want to start walking down the beach to the village at Orient Bay. The pizza place on site is open most nights. Otherwise there is a restaurant within walking distance or, if we are eating out that day, we may be able to drive you wherever we are going.  

There is a SMALL grocery on site too for milk and bread and wine. If none of that sounds good to you, then you should think about bringing some supplies with you.

The details page has info on supermarkets.

To phone us...
Nick:              1 721 556 7965 or 1 721 581 3820
or         011 599 556 7965 or 011 599 721 581 3820
Gloria: 1 721 524 1586 or 011 599 524 1586