The girls we recommend understand the value of the promotion we provide for them. They work with us to ensure that you get SPECIAL TREATMENT. The girls recommended for this service are not always the most foxy. This is a very special service that requires a very special personality. The girls are chosen to be the most attentive, sympathetic and affectionate girls you could hope to find. From the first moment, they are there for your every whim and they never raise issues of cost or extras.

The girls we recommend...


Discrete: The playmates are chosen to be as comfortable in a restaurant, casino or on a dance floor as they are ringing your bells in the bedroom. They appreciate YOUR need for discretion. Similarly the girls need discretion too. Playmates never work where they were born and raised. They don't want their families reading about their activities here. Consequently we do not put photos of the girls who are currently available on the internet. When you are about to travel you will need to send email requesting info on current girls in the location you are visiting. This simple mechanism checks the senders location and will not respond to requests sent from the countries where most playmates originate (Dominican Republic, Columbia, Trinidad etc. ).


Availability is limited by several factors... location: If the girl is visiting the location where you will meet her, her stay is limited by immigration. This is particularly true in St Maarten. We are constantly finding new girls.

travel: If the girl is resident in the country where you will meet her she may travel to work abroad and may be temporarily unavailable.

Availability can only be confirmed a few weeks prior to travel. Keeping tabs on this changing situation is part of what makes our service unique.

  1. *Deluxe Escort Service.

  2. *Girlfriend experience.

  3. *Sex vacation.

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