Nick’s recalls


He did a good job and if his career had not taken him in another direction I am sure I would have incorporated him as part of my team on KRULL and other movies that followed.

We joked that the creature was part Nute, part frOG and part lizARD and so we called it NOGARD. In our work crazed mindset we were later amazed to realize that Nogard was “dragon” backwards.

Unfortunately, a set of hilarious circumstances sealed the fate of Nogard and he was never completed. I have often considered rebuilding him for history’s sake and including him at the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit. The original, now badly deteriorated is on display there.

I recommend you read the story “the Nogard's sacrifice, and the guy we nailed to the floor!”. It is the funniest recollection I have involving George Lucas and the insane things we got up to on ESB.