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Follow Your Star

"Follow Your Star" has been Nick's catch phrase for over 30 years as he encouraged youngsters to overcome negativity and peer pressure to pursue their dreams and live extraordinary lives.   At the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit Nick highlights the lives of colleages and himself, who collectively made thousands of movies, with the aim to inspire a new generation of creative minds.   Nick knows from experience what hard work and determination can achieve.  As a movie maker, he gave a start to 16 and 18 year old trainees who later won awards for make-up & creature effects for Guardians of the Galaxy, became Director of Post Production at United International Pictures,  Directed Blade and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and one who became a Producer for Steven Spielberg.

The Yoda Guy Movie Museum Foundation, which presents the exhibit in St Maarten, is associated with Nick's international The Follow Your Star Foundation in Europe, which has been developing the FXpo project.   Income from entrance fees, sales of movie items and  charitable contributions go directly to pay exhibit costs, expenses and staff.   When profits are generated they are used to acquire new  items to exhibit, or to create new holographic recordings, or to buy equipment, or to reach out to youths in schools, hospitals and organizations for the handicaped.

Of course, a great byproduct of the work is that the exhibits also highlight the contributions made by movie maestros, often unknown to many fans and explain aspects of movie making that the public rarely see.

Nick explains: "We tell the inside stories of how famous movies were made from the perspective of the industry leaders who made them and hope that, as we move more towards preserving these memories as holograms, they will remain available for many generations to come. We feature artists and technicians who contributed to many well loved movies like Terminator, Men in Black , Planet of the Apes, Alien, Highlander, Krull, Lifeforce and of course Star Wars. We highlight techniques that  changed the way movies were made and thank our supporters who, through their contributions and entance fees, have helped the exhibit grow. If you already visited us, please tell your friends or write a review on .
       Making new friends and inspiring others at the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit