How often would we visit or if their URL was ? If the age old question, "What's in a name" were applied to the net the answer would be.... EVERYTHING!

Through our sister site 1001DiscountDomains we are able to offer you domain name registration at a fraction of the cost charged by Network Solutions and others..... $14.95 per year. Better still, for an extra $5.00 we can make the name REDIRECTABLE. Ordinary registrations, such as those you purchase at Network Solutions, have to point to second level domians. That means you need to purchase a full web hosting package such as our 1001MEGAsites. But with a redirectable domain name, the pointer leads to a name server that we can instruct to REDIRECT to a third level directory anywhere on the web. That means you can get a 1001passwords protected directory or a 1001homepages virtual home and point your domain name to it just like the more expensive sites! You can turn an address like or your URL into "" for just $19.99 per year. Thousands of names are snapped up every day so get yours now!

To take up this option use the back button and subscribe normally. You will be offered this feature.

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